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Vamptoo Oct 20, 2005 11:18 AM

I have a PDR 61. I have upgraded the firmware which was supposed to help with the exposure problems but it hasn't. This camera is about 4 yrs old and worked great up until about 8 months ago. I have done everything I can think of. Inside pics are not too bad but all outside pics are washed out and pics of the greenhouse have a pinkish tinge.

Any suggestions?


JimC Oct 21, 2005 8:42 AM


That photo is overexposed. But, the settings used would be more appropriate for inside photos with flash with most models (a larger aperture of around f/3 and a shutter speed of around 1/60 second was used for this photo).

The most obvious thing that I see that might be causing it, if no other changes were made, is that you've got the flash on. With most models that won't make any difference. But, some models may set the aperture and shutter speed to a specific value if you force the flash on (which could be your problem).

I'd set your flash back toAuto and see what happens (you probably have it forced on with the "lighting bolt" showing).

You could also have accidently set Exposure Compensation to a +EV value causing the overexposure.

I'd tryresetting the camera back to factory defaults. You'll see a DEFAULT menu choice for this under your model's Setup menu, as shown in your camera's review here:

Vamptoo Oct 21, 2005 8:54 AM

Thanks for the reply. I'll play with all this over the weekend and see what I can do. I have set everything back to factory defaults but it hasn't seemed to help. I agree that I have got something set wrongand if I can just figure out what I will be a happy girl. I'm really a novice when it comes to cameras but I enjoy it so I need to learn what I'm doing.


JimC Oct 21, 2005 9:06 AM


There is not that many things that could go wrong with your model.

If you've checked to make sure you don't have Exposure Compensation set to a +EV Value (set it to 0 compensation), then it's also possible you've got a component failure that is impacting the metering. I don't see any metering options for your model that could be impacting it (for example, spot versus matrix).

Make sure the flash is turned off and try it too (I did notice that our conclusion section mentioned that subjects could be "hot" using the flash outdoors). This may have just been flash strength (not your problem here). But, it could also be because the camera sets itself to a certain shutter speed and aperture using the flash. So, try turning it off (it was on in the sample you posted).

I'd make sure to try known good batteries in it, too (fully charged, rechargeable NiMH Batteries are recommended, but you could probably use newAA Alkalines for a quick test). Sometimes a voltage problem can cause this kind of behavior from a camera (and it may not be obvious since batteries can be faulty, even if they are holding a charge well).

Ditto for removing and inserting the memory card. A bad connection due to a bit of oxidation on a contact can sometimes cause strange symptoms. I'd also make sure to use all dials and buttons on it (in case one is not making a good connection).

If nothing else works, try leaving the batteries out for at least 24 hours before inserting known good ones again. Sometimes that will force a more thorough reset of a camera (like rebooting a computer and reloading it's operating system).

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