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Hello Neebie here to this forum!

Assuming that SD card and their memory size would not have a celling to their applications

I have a Toshiba PDR 3330 and tried to blindly upgraded the SD stick to a 1 gig.

Super prized methat it will not work. I have a 128 that came with it and thru the duration of owning the Digital Still Camera purchased a 256they work fine.

So I got brave and added to this collection a 1 gig.

I searched for firmware upgrade and found a ver 1.06A

But In fine print it mentioned to use the 16M SD stick to do the upgrade or it will void the warrenty HA I think it is outdated by now. Not woried if I can do this safely.

I was wondering, reading between the lines, what chance is it to loose the camera during a firmwareupgrade to 1.06A using the 128MSD stick.

Also by a far chance will this help in my quest to make the 1M SD operational in the Camera.

When this Stick is installed in the camera andconnecting the camera to the USBport of my desktop

I can see it as a removable drive alsoand can readwrite to it but when I go to the camera to shoot a Picture it replys in the LCD this card can not be used.

I formated it in fatnothing I also did a fat32 then the cam says it needed to be formated and did so thru the camera. It came back and said card will not work in this camera! RRRR. So it is not a total lose I just was wanted to max the memory of the camera.

IS this cameras memorydestined to be peeked out at 512M?

Any and All I see that Toshiba is out of the stand still Cameras and I dont want to damage what little I have.

Help please!
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Well... They do warn against using a 128MB Card on their firmware page here:


So, you'd be taking your chances (especially since the upgrade is supposed to help with compatibility issues with 128MB cards). lol

If anything goes wrong during a firmware upgrade, a camera can become a paperweight (not functional, period).

What brand of card is it, and what do you see written on the card (you may find a string of numbers/letters that can identify if it's using Sandisk Components or not). There are a few tables around that can be used to try and find them.

I'd probably use a Toshiba or Panasonic card to do the upgrade with if you have one available. A lot of cameras did have problems with Sandisk SD cards originally (which the firmware upgrade looks like it addresses).

I can remember when Konica and Minolta even had specific warnings with some of their models that use of some Sandisk Secure Digital cards could cause the cameras to malfunction with errors, and if the firmware upgrade gets corrupted while the camera is reading it from the card, your camera will likely be ruined.

A number of manufacturers used Sandisk components in their SD cards, too. Originally, there were only 3 "real" manufacturers of SD media (Sandisk, Panasonic and Toshiba). The other card manufacturers were just using rebranded components from the "big 3". That's changed some today. But, a lot of older cards are likely still using the same components that these models had problems with.

Most newer cards probably wouldn't have a problem. But, I'd stick to Toshiba's recommendations if possible. Or, if I were going to risk upgrading from a card larger than 16MB, I'd probably use a Toshiba or Panasonic card to do it, making darn sure that I formatted it with the camera prior to using it for the upgrade.

I'd also make darn sure I used the "safely remove" feature with a card reader if it's driver's are not setup for "quick removal" so that all buffers in the operating system's cache were flushed to media after copying the firmware file to it and inserting the card in a camera. If the firmware file gets corrupted while copying it to a card, you'll end up with a non-working camera. ;-)

As for cards larger than 512MB after the upgrade, you never know... the upgrade may allow them to work OK. You'd have to try one to find out.

You may also want to give the Panasonic SD formatter a try on your 1GB card.


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Thank You JimC for your reply!

I did not think this thread would of recieved anything since Toshiba is a dead end camera in 2004

The 128 and the 256 Meg cards are Lexar and they work just fine!

The 1 gig is a Sandisk, issue.

When this card is in the camera In the LCD window when I attempt to take a still shot or a silent video , The upper right corner, in shot mode,shows SD _ _ _ _. I guess it is an ID maybe.

With the other two there are digits there eg... SD 0311 on the 256M and SD 0156 on the 128M

So Myexploring the net and evaluations hasmatched everything you said.

My Conclusion is not to mess with something that is not broken. The camera works fine with the smaller SD cards so I will just limit my shooting and download the pix and wipethe memfor the next shooting

Also I will not purchase another Toshiba anything at all in the future, after hearing that they postponed notice to the public on getting out of the Digital Still Camera market.

Even though their products I seen are good.

So far knock on wood that my need for their service is not an issue.

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