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psipher11 May 11, 2005 2:32 PM

This is a request for Steve's organization and/or any fellow PDR-4300 users for assistance in the following matter.

I had purchased a Toshiba PDR-4300 based on Steve's review confident that it featured the functions I had wanted in a digital point-n-shoot camera such as 3:2 aspect ratio, Macro focus, aperture/Shutter-priority AE, "Slow-Sync-strobe", AA Nimh battery accommodation, and the over-all price/performance balance. Correct me if I erred, but this camera appears NOT able to superpose dates on photos it takes. I have followed the steps outlined on p104-105 of the Instruction Manual to the letter and yet to no avail. Have I discovered an "undocumented" disability? Maybe I made a fool out of myself by assuming that a date superposition capability is a given in ANY digital camera nowadays. If there were any mentions of this anywhere in Steve's review or the manufacturer's brochure web page, I would have refrained from this purchase. I had attempted to resolve this issue with Toshiba since I had purchased this camera anew and it is still under warranty, but it appears that Toshiba does not honor warranty as its web site states that support is a cost-plus offering (800 number).

I would be much obliged if Steve and anyone can respond to the following:

Item 1
Please augment the review conclusion by calling
attention to this significant deficiency if I am

Item 2
If I am incorrect about this deficiency of PDR-4300,
can anyone out there tell me how I can superpose
dates on images in-camera (anyone can manually
manipulate JPEG after the fact)?

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