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ray_thomas Jan 5, 2004 12:59 PM

PDR-M71 Firware update
I just went through a time consuming learning experience. When you download new firmware (in this case 1.05A) and attempt to install it in your camera you need to use the ORIGINAL 8MB card in the camera. I haven't used the card since the day I bought a 128 MB card so I didn't give it a thought-- bad mistake! The new firware wiped the 128 card , but didn't recognize the new firmware and the card wouldn't format. This meant the camera was totally unable to do anything (including take photos). There was nothing wrong with the camera before this "upgrade" and now my camera was dead!

Complicating things, it was also unable to be "seen" when connected to my PC so I couldn't reattempt the firmware installation.

I called Toshiba technical service and though they couldn't tell me that I had done anything wrong in the firmware operation however they didn't even attempt to troubleshoot. Basically they were clueless and uninterested that their firmware procedure did this to my camera. They just told me to send it to Bensonville IL (which would have cost the $150 minimum "service")

I ended up buying a Dazzle SmartMedia reader/writer and loading the firmware onto the 8 MB card using it, and then putting the 8 MB in the camera. It did the trick quickly and then I just put the 128 MB card in and everything works great.

2 lessons learned:
Toshiba service is lame and everybody should keep the original card handy for upgrades!

Stniuk Feb 22, 2004 7:21 PM

I tend to leave these things alone unless I really have too.

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