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FK4 Apr 24, 2004 5:26 PM

Problem in flash pop-up mechanism in PDR-M700
This is just a technical contribution. I have experienced a problem in my PDR-M700, specifically at the flash pop-up mechanism.
When it's open, there's a microswitch within its body that enables the flash to work. It was presenting a bad contact,
and the flash was not always being enabled in auto mode.
As an engineer, that was just a 'simple' challenge. I disassembled it and found the switch mounted on board #90337-006-4. It was definitely presenting a bad contact and I managed to reach it and work it out. I could not precise if it was due to dust (less probable, since it's only 6 months old, 1100 pics taken) or simply a bad switch. After a 2-hour of patient work, it's back online and the switch working fine.
I currently live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and bought the camera in Datavision, NY, USA. Just wanted to let Toshiba folks
be aware of it, but I could not find a proper channel to report this.
Nevertheless, I still keep my 150% sarisfaction level with this nice camera, that enables me to handle ALL things I want
when shootin' in whichever conditions. I owned a Sony P7 before, and the move was definitely worth.
It took me days diggin' sites like this, and can surely consider this M700 the best option available today considering price x performance x quality.

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