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hvymtlsteve Apr 2, 2004 11:26 PM

What do you guys think of factory refurb stuff?
I hear some of it is stuff that was bought and returned, sometimes for no particular reason, and the stores returned it to the manufacturers because it can't be sold as new, so the manufacturers test it, fix it if needed, seal it as refurbished, offer a warranty on it, and send it on out. Is this a good way to buy? The prices are pretty awesome and I hear it's as good as new, or even better because they test the items more than new ones...

I'm interested in the features of the M500, and the refurb prices are great (like 200 bucks!)
By the way I will say I don't feel the need for anything higher than 2 megapixels because I mostly plan on using my camera for web and e-mail pictures (primarily 640x480s and maybe 1024x768s, but I doubt I'll often use 1200x1600 res). I'm really intrigued by the optical zoom offered on this camera, as well as some of the other features like the flexibility of manual settings, and the nice video mode.
Therefore I think the M500 is a good choice for me.

twl Apr 3, 2004 5:12 PM

I've bought lots of Refurb items (not a camera though), and would have no problems buying a refurb camera, if the price was right.

I have the 700 and love it (paid 430 dollars canadian), If you have no need of the larger pixel size 200 bucks for the 500 sounds like a pretty good deal..

I personally would have more faith in a refurb then a non-refurb. If a problem was found, they would have fixed it..

hvymtlsteve Apr 3, 2004 8:07 PM

Thanks for the reply 8)
Refurb sure sounds good.
I figured I could actually afford either a new M500 or a refurb M700, but I went ahead and ordered the refurb M500, 200 is a really decent deal for it, and then I can have money left over for a memory card or something.

hvymtlsteve Apr 7, 2004 10:46 PM

Camera came today and it is excellent.
I'd say it's just as good as a new product, it's in great shape like brand new, and it works perfectly. And the price was really awesome compared to new, so it's a deal!

For some reason I didn't get the filter/lens adapter, but I guess that's ok I can just pick one up later if I really need it for anything.

I tried some photography today but there were some things that I was looking for that I hadn't quite figured out.. I have that all cleared up so maybe I'll have some pictures for you guys in the next coupla days. I'm definitely liking it :D

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