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denon911 Jun 7, 2003 6:44 PM

Toshiba PDR 3300
Hey guys,
i bought a brand new PDR 3300 a couple weeks ago, bought a 256 meg Sandisk SD, and found that i needed to update the firmware to make it recognize the storage properly, the problems is, i think the firmware update they have on the toshiba website is faulty cause now my camera crashes once in a while, and i have to reset it, by taking out the batteries. by crashing, i mean when i turn it on, nothing happens except a green LED lights up, and thats it, i can't even turn it off. Just wondering if anyone was having problems with this firmware or the camera, i downloaded the 1.5a update of the toshiba website...thanks guys...
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

xepackob Jul 7, 2003 9:47 PM

Same Problem with Lexar 128Mb SD
I have a very similiar problem.

Toshiba PDR-3300, Firmware 1.05, Lexar 128MB SD.

Camera works one time out of two that I turn it camera on. Another time I have power indicator on, but I am unable to do anything until I open and close battery compartment (thus resetinng the camera).

If somebody has this problem, please share your circumstances. Looks like faulty firmware -- we should make Toshiba fix it and post correct one.

Best regards,

vinson Jul 8, 2003 2:12 PM

Toshiba PDR 3300 died after three weeks
Looks like I am not alone....Great features...poor reliability!

I received a PDR3330 (same as PDR3300 except QVC model) for Father's Day and was really happy with the features and quality of the pics.

Last week it died... I had taken 6 or 7 pics and turned the cam off then went to use it again and (just as stated by other) nothing but the green power light. No lens movement no LCD...NOTHING.

I removed the batteries and replaced the batteries and still nothing. Even left them our for 24 hours (extended reset)..DEAD

and NO I did not abuse/mis-use it. I have lots of electronic toys (digi camcorder, SLR, computer, etc) and they are all fine.

The worst part about it was when I contacted Toshiba about the issue they provided a really lame response. QVC was great.. " send and back and we will refund your $$". That is fine but I really like the camera. Toshiba’s answer was for me to either send it back for repair (6 -1 0 much for Summer pics) or to send it back and received a refurbished unit...How weak!!!

My wife paid good $$ for a NEW camera and after three week I should not have to settle for a refurb.

It also concerns me that this seems to be a common issue with the PDR-33xx. I have found almost 30 different message threads regarding the same issue from different sources/people on the net.

If I take the refurb or get it fixed, who is to say I am not dealing with the same issue 3, 6, or 12 months later and at that point I will have no way of getting my $$ back.

If the features or pics were bad then I would have not issue sending it back for the $$$..but that is not the case



denon911 Jul 12, 2003 1:24 PM

Honestly, thats the last time i ever buy a toshiba digi cam, i went through 3 cameras in the span of 3 weeks, and decided to screw it and just get a refund, i tried to deal and put up with the camera but it was just to much. Like you, i really liked the toshiba's pictures, but as i went through these camera's and found that each one ( along with the firmware problems ) had there own little inconsistancies, the shutter button barely worked on one, the zoom buttons were impossible to press on another one of them, and the joystick selector was loose on another, lol...i mean give me a break, i'm shocked that it takes pictures as good as it does, concidering there seems to be no kind of Quality Control at toshiba. Furthermore, when i contacted toshiba a few weeks ago about the problem, i got the same crap lame response you were talking about, they brushed it off, like it was something that i was doing wrong.??? but serioulsy man...the camera wouldn't turn on...what the hell could i have been doing wrong, how could i be turning the camera on wrong, he suggested that i should format the card, cause i guess he figured i was formatting the card wrong? and i just aggreed wanting to get off the phone with him so i could just get a refund at the the place i bought it, but whatever, i'm done with toshiba digi cams, i own 2 toshiba televisions, they definatly make awsome tv's, and they make awsome digicams, if your looking for one that doesn't turn on.!

vinson Jul 25, 2003 5:14 PM

RE: Toshiba PDR 3300 died after three weeks
I got my money back and purchased a Minolta S414 (was the same price my wife paid for the 3330 on Amazon and it is a 4 mega)... I just got it but I love it so far... Will see if it passes the 3 week test :D

I am not knockign Toshiba or 3300/3330 but we all can't be dumb!!! :P

best of luck!

jsh248 Aug 3, 2003 2:52 PM

Toshiba PDR-3300 Reliability?
I bought my first PDR–3300 in early May. Loved it. Took great pictures and has lots of features, for the cost. In mid June it just quit working. It acted like it had no batteries, and Toshiba of course questioned me on batteries and how to turn it on. I was then given the toll call number, which got me the option to ship the camera across the country at my expense, for a refurbished used one. I then went back to the store where I purchased it and had them find me another one. Now August first, the new camera turns on to the first startup page and will not shutoff, with the lens cover open, or flashes through the first three screens in one second and then shuts off, with the lens cover closed. Toshiba gave me the regular option to return it for a refurbished one, and my 90 days are up in a few days.

Note, I only had one problem when the cameras were working. The pictures were really poor quality on the LCD. I turned the cam off and back on and no problems until now.

I really hate to part with the camera at the original clearance price I paid because there is nothing out there even close in features for what I paid. But it seems like I was lucky to get 6 weeks out of each of mine. Seems it is time to shop for another (not Toshiba) camera, and again at a store with a 90-day return policy. Any Suggestions?

Mystery905 Aug 3, 2003 7:23 PM

Does ANYONE have a good experience with this camera?

I noticed that one of the posers was using a Sandisk SD card, which are notorious for causing problems. Could it be the SD card that is the problem?

I have a raincheck for a PDR-3300 that is arriving this Wednesday for the bargain price of $277.97 Cdn. funds. (about $195.00 U.S.).

After reading this post, though, I am having second thoughts.

denon911 Aug 4, 2003 11:17 AM

by all means go ahead and give the camera a try, but prepare to be disappointed, so make sure you can take the camera back!, and make sure that they are giving you a new one, cause god knows how many of them have been returned to the manufacture or the distributor, I know I returned 3 of them myself. Also keep in mind that the camera can easily be bought for 299 cdn at one of the big stored (e.g. Future shop) well it’s on sale right now there anyway and it goes on sale about once a month, so the extra 20 dollars you get off might not be worth it if you can’t return it, and also the camera is notorious for self destructing after the 4 week period, so watch for that too…but it does take good pictures when it does work!!! However, for me, I think with all the crap I went through, I’d be more inclined to buid myself a pinhole camera with one of those old shoe boxes I got laying around the house, just to avoid some serious stress with the 3300

Mystery905 Aug 4, 2003 5:56 PM

I am still on the fence on this one. By the way, the 277.97 price is at a Future Shop (Warden and Eglinton in Scarborough) which is even lower than their advertised sale price.

Currently I have a Kodak CX4200 and was looking to get something with zoom (maybe CX4230?) for a few more $$$, when I saw the PDR-3300 which not only has the optical zoom, but 3.2 MP and a good review here on Steve's Digicams.

I hope the problem is only with the Sandisk cards, and the unit I get is a good one.....

denon911 Aug 4, 2003 11:28 PM

i'm not sure if it's only with the sandisk cards, it just might be, but to avoid yourself some trouble, buy or use a 64 meg card, that way you don't have to upgrade the firmware, and the firmware that comes with the camera v1.2 works properly i ya that may just be the way to go

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