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flambart Feb 10, 2003 11:16 AM

White pixels (holes) inside slow shuttertime pictures
My new PDR-M71 is satisfying me a lot: good quality and extreme easyness of use.

Unfortunately, I've immediately realized an important defeat: in case of slow shutter times (longer than 1/60, typically), inside the pictures I can find tens of white holes, always in the same pixel coordinates.

For instance, I've taken some pictures in manual mode in low light conditions, forcing several slow shutter times:as a result, something like a staring sky !

Is there someone other that has encountered the same problems?

Is it the worth to send the camera (that is almost brand new, and still under warranty) to a service center or not ? Any firmware update, it could be useful or not ?

Many thanks in advance to everyone

Ciao, Paolo

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