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Nice photos all. The P47 has long been a favorite of mine and I have a personal soft spot for Republic Aviation. As a high school freshman I need to write a research paper. I selected the P47 as my subject, in part because I'd read Robert Johnson's "Thunderbolt!" from my Dad's personal aviation library. I wrote to Republic, explaining my project asking if they could provide any information beyond what I had access to already. What I received back from them exceeded my wildest expectations. It was about a two and a half inch thick packet containing engineering development histories, detail model and performance information, combat record summaries, drawings and photos. My instructor was impressed by the amount of information that a high scool freshman had manage to access and my grade certainly met my expectations.

The reputation for ruggedness Repubic established with the P47 continued through its history as a combat aircraft manufacturer. Its last aircraft, the A10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) has a well deserved reputation of bringing its pilots home after battle damage. One such story is that of Major Kim Campbell, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Campbell_(pilot), who flew her A10 back and landed successfully after both the hydraulic systems were shot out over Bagdad. It was said at the time that she was the only the second pilot to successfully land an A10 using only the manual flight controls, the other being a Republic test pilot. More links to the story here, http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.co.../story0016.htm, http://www.seniorwomen.com/articles/...avidChick.html, and http://www.womensmemorial.org/Educat...08KitUSAF.html.

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