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Most of these shots were done froma fairdistance away with the telephoto extended (5 to 10x). The girl on the street was probably when I was the closest to the subject. In general they did not mind me taking their pic if I was noticed. I shot some pics of India military and I asked permission first. Some accepted and a couple in Delhi said NO!
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Great pics, and some nice mementos of your travels
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The preferred transportation in Hyderabad. They drive like maniacs BTW

thats the preferred transportation all over the country...and all drive like maniacs...the safest people on the roads are those who walk..the repurcussions after hitting a pedastrian is worse than getting arrested

Great shots...the Color tone is a bit yellowish +orangish atleast in this stupid monitor of mine(i love my mac..i miss my mac)
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Great set mhansen!
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i noticed some of the shots were a bit over-cast/slightly less contrast-y. Is that due to the environment or is it a camera exposure setting? Or is it because you zoomed from so far away?

Nice shots - really captures the culture/people there.
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I love these shots!! I have promised myself a trip to India within the next four years, and these pics inspire me to make it ASAP.

Your composition of the shepherds is wonderufl, and the brights colors attract my eye
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Very nice series of photos, looks like you had a great time, FZ20 seems like it did a good job
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