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Default What is the best DSLR for travel photography?

I want to get into travel photography in particular and want to know want to know wether there is a particular make of camera that is good for these conditions. I want clear, high quality, images as i will be taking pictures of animals, places, people and colour will be the main theme.

I want a well built, and professional quality camera which i can work with and learn about in more detail.

Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc which one.

I should think that it is the person behind the camera that matters the most.

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There is no one right camera for travel photography (or for any other genre, for that matter). You will have to choose which camera best works for you, based on budget, lens selection, sensor capabilities, etc. I shoot with Pentax DSLRs, and I'm very happy with that choice. But it appears that I'm in a very small minority. Canon, Nikon, and Sony far outsell Pentax gear, and Olympus and Panasonic have excellent cameras in the micro 4/3 format.

With DSLRs, remember that you will keep most lenses far longer than most bodies will last. And once you have accumulated a decent selection of lenses, it will be very expensive to switch from one system to another. I chose Pentax because their gear is very rugged and many of their bodies are weather sealed, and they have in-body image stabilization. For many years, Canon and Nikon have had faster autofocus than most comparable Pentax models, but that wasn't a major concern for me. Canon and Nikon have excellent glass, but if you want image stabilization, you have to buy stabilized lenses, which can get expensive.

In the end, there is no one right answer to your question. You have to decide which system will work best for you.
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G'day mate

I suggest that you go to the 1/2-dozen magazines etc that you wish to submit materials to and ask them

a) do they accept jpg or only raw, and if raw ...
b) do they have a format preference? > canon raw vs nikon raw vs ???? raw
c) do they have a minimum megapixel requirement?
d) what sort of text / words do they require
e) etc etc

If you do this before you put your $3000 ~ $5000 down on bodies & lenses, you will at least get off on the right track
Regards, Phil
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You are lucky to think about upgrading to a DSLR currently because there is a lot new camera coming recently and the choices are plentiful. Like Phil suggested: do some research by reading.

Depending on your budget which dictates what you can get. You have to decide on how big a camera you want which is crucial for traveling. I am traveling to China soon and I am bringing my smaller and lighter DSLR, a Canon XSi with a Jack of all trade 18-250mm Sigma zoom lens and leaving my big camera the 5DMKII home.

My preference for a travel camera is to go small but not too small, a true DSLR rather than a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens.
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