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Default *Greece '04* (And a little bit of the leftovers from Italy!)

Delphi, it was a gorgeous day, but hard to capture since im short! (Haha actually I am 5'7") But anyways, not a very good pic.

Delphi again. Ah it's a little better than the first, but not glorious or anything.

I know, its not an even horison line, but this pic is still "raw" absolutely no editing done on it, so you can't expct it to be perfect, can you? This is the outside of the Oracle in Delphi, Greece.

Don't know why, but I really like this one. Maybe its the sharp contrast or something.

City on a hill. Eh, I like it. Suit yourself...

Mmmm, there's something I like about this one. No clue where I took it, but I really like the path leading off, it really draws my eye to that spot.

The only reason I like this picture is because the forgroud totally gives away what is so friggin funny! (Hehehe wine ) My mom took this one obviously because I'm in it. I will fix the redeye ASAP.

Haha don't ask why it is in english, but yea I thought it was a cute and fun photo.

Oops, this was in Italy, but they are peace demonstraters after the Madrid bombings.

Up on mounth Vesuvius (Oops, Italy again)Thats my mom Chaz and Kate. They are only like 15 feet away.. wait maybe 30 haha but they ahve basically disappeared.

Hahah! My mom took this! It's of a VERY good looking police man giving our tour bus driver a ticket!

Okay, that's all!
Please critique! (I can handle the truth!)
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lovely pictures, thanks for sharing again!!my favourite is the 3rd one,

the oracle of deplhi was believed to be the navel of the world, and according to some mysticists, is supposed to be the greatest center of power on earth, followed by stonehenge in England and another one in africa that i dont remeber the name..all three of them are aligned
forming a triangle..and the story coninues from there..

Hope you you ve enjoyed Greece,(this is were i come from)
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Thanks for responding to both of my posts!

Yea and they have recently found out that the oracle was inhaling (sp) methane, and that is why she gave such weird prophecies.
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