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standing in front of these was fantastic although a little daunting
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If you ever get a chance, go aboard one of the older battleships (Missouri, New Jersey, etc.). The guns on those babies would send a shell as far as 20 miles! I read somewhere that they could not fire broadsides from both sides at the same time because the recoil would damage the ship.
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that looks like a little 5-inch rapid fire gun typically found on destroyers and frigates. it's an impressive weapon for what it is, but, as T-square alluded to, nothing near the triple 16-inch gun mounts found on the old battlewagons. the Iowa-class ships carried three turrets - two forward and one aft - mounting three 16-inch guns each. the guns fired two sizes of projectiles; the SMALL one weighed as much as a Volkswagen, and had a range of 23 miles. the larger one was over 2000 pounds, and could travel about 18 miles.imagine the barrage of all nine guns firing at once! the recoil literally drove the ship sideways in the water! these were truly awesome ships!

the first shot below is of the Missouri's forward gun mount. the second is an aerial view of the Iowa firing a full broadside. note the concussion pattern on the water... needless to say, i didn't take these photos, though i wish i could claim credit for them...

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