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I own Canon 350D and to be honest the biggest lens I use is a 100-300 lens. I am looking for a good budget tripod and monopod..ie not a Manfrotto as much as I'd like one. I've seen some budget stuff like Hama etc but they look immensekly cheapy..

Can anyone suggest a low budget tripod and monopod for me.
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Can nobody help????? :-(
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Assuming that you are not looking for a lightweight tripod for backpacking, but a sturdy unit, then I can strongly recommend some of the Amvona Dynatran models that sell on ebay. These items are good copies of the Manfrotto stuff, but they sell on ebay for around 1/3 the price of the similar Manfrottos.

I would recommend that you get an Amvona AT-12T leg set which has a removable center column that converts to a monopod. That leg set should run you between $60-75 including shipping. Their auction listing says that this leg set lists for $329, but that's silly. I've never seen one sell for more than $90 on ebay, and with careful bidding, $60 is doable. I personally have the very similar AT-858B leg set, which cost me under $50, but that one lacks the removable monopod-center post, otherwise, it's nearly identical.

As for the head, it's probably a matter of personal preference, but you can get their ATH-903 3-way pan-tilt head for around $25-30 including shipping or one of their ATH-H95 Ball heads for around $40-50 including shipping.

I should add that these recommendations are only really good values if you buy them on ebay. They sell the same items direct, but they charge 3-4 times as much for them directly than they sell for on ebay.
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