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Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning more towards the 3030 - at $55 or so new it's an easier investment to make. It sounds like a ballhead takes more practice to use and I'm still leary about the sub $100 heads 'slipping' a little
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Old Oct 29, 2004, 4:03 PM   #22
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I haven't read the entire thread, so I'm sory if this has been answered.

What camera and lens are you using. This is the single guiding factor to what tripod and head you use. (Well, ok... that is a lie. Weight matters too. If you are hiking 30 miles I'll recommend a different tripod than if you only go 2 miles.)

Bogen/Manfrotto make some nice smaller ball head which will work great is you only use short lenses. You'll probably want a level either built into the head or to go into the camera flash hotshoe (if your camera has one.)

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Old Nov 17, 2004, 9:03 AM   #23
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Personally, I love benbo tripods. Check 'em out.

super flexible, very sturdy, and they have lightweight models if you do a lot of hiking.
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Old Feb 25, 2005, 4:27 PM   #24
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Feisol (Taiwan)makes 2 excelent carbon fiber tripods: the 3301 (3 section legs) and the 3401 (4 section legs). The Feisol tripods are very well made,light andstables. And very affordable too.

I buy my 3301 on Ebay (180 US$) and I'm very happy.

For 180US$ the Feisol are the best tripods you can buy.

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Old Feb 26, 2005, 8:55 AM   #25
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basquedude wrote:

I'm in the process of getting various photography supplies to feed my new hobby, and I'm starting to look at tripods. It seems that the price range is large (from $20 - $300+) and my budget is small:sad:... is there a good tripod out there that can be had for less than $50?

What should I look for? Right now it seems that having a bubble level is important, as well as the max/min height of the tripod. Is there anything else that folks feelis important, and that they would never do without? And are there any "lessons learned" from the more experienced folks out there?

Thanks for any info you can give me.
billdrew anderic s hit the high note on this thread.they was the first to ask the right questions.

so i will ask again

1- what camera are you going to use with this set of legs you want?

2- are you going to stick with this or the same style of camera you have?

3- are you going to use it often (as a consistant walk around item with your kit) or is it a once and a while sit in the closet piece?

4- what do you want to shoot with it? closeup? portrait? macro?

a tripod, if used regularly and on varied terrain/situation, can either help or hinder the image making process. i have 2 different sets of legs that have different capabilities.

the right tripod will need to integrate into your shooting style. so picking one up in the long run will be a bigger decision if you really are going to use it to increase your ability to get the shot you want.

in short we need more info on what you want to do with it.

on the bubble level- in can be an advantage on the legs but its even more important on the camera. again its a matter of shootingstyle.

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Old Feb 27, 2005, 2:26 PM   #26
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~You can go cheap, but if you want something that will last go with quality. I just got a bogen 3001BPRO/190PROB and an 486RC2 ballhead. It was more than what your price range is, but it's something that will last. If you go cheap you most likely will have a less stable tripod and one made of way lesser quality. Go with a good bogen and your tripod will grow with your photography. Do you want a tripod that you will most likely have to replace? Or do you want one that will last a lifetime? The 3001BPRO does have a bubble level on it. Just my 2 cents. :?~

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Pity I didn't see this thread earlier.

Heres what happens when you go cheap.

I recently went on a trip to South Africa and took my Canon EOS 20D with 17-85mm IS and 75-300 mm IS lenses with me. I did not take my $50 Promaster 6100 with me as I wanted to save weight on the very long flight over.

The plan was to buy a low cost (I hate the word cheap) tripod in Cape Town, use i t and then leave it there for future trips. I did this from the equivalent of SAM's Club and bought a Velbon tripod.

On the first outing we went to the Cape of Good Hope also known as the Cape of Storms in a roaring So' Easter (~50mph wind). I set the camera and tripod up for a shot of my fiance and I behind a sign board showing the logitude and latitude.After taking the timer shot I watched (and ran) in horror as my camera strap caught the wind and, acting like a spinnaker, pulled the the tripd over backward. In my wild dash to save the camera I tramples the tripod but managed to prevent any serious damage to the (brand new) 20D.

After that experience I searched Cape Town and found a Unomat THS513 3 lever professional tripod for $190. Weighing in at close on 7 3/4 lbs it is anything but lightweight. Happy as a clam with a tripod that won't and didn't blow over in a gale and I have learn't my lesson - I will not go for a cheap tripod. It's just not worth the cost in damaged equipment. Penny wiseis pound (dollar) foolish!!!

I actually found this thread because I was searching for info on the Bogen 486RC2 head to mount on my Unomat tripod - which I did not leave behind and it is happily in New York with me. :-)Ready to spend some more on a good tripod.

Picture taken with Canon EOS 20D with 17 - 85mm @ 28mm - 400 ISO - F14


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