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Saw your post from September http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=73where you rave about the RRS BH-55. You also stated that you have the Markins M10. I'm considering these two ballheads. I had been leaning toward the Markins based on generally positive reviews, but recently the BH-55 became available. If you consider the cost of the RRS lever quick release, the price of the Markins is only $30 less than the BH-55, so cost is not really the major deciding factor.I am concerned, however about the BH-55's higher weight.

I do wonder, however, if you can speak specifically to specific advantages and disadvantages of the BH-55 compare to the Markins. Also, did you ultimately decide to keep only one of them, or did you keep both.

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sorry so long

i have 2 tripods

1 g2228 explorer from gitzo thats where the markins lives and will remain until the BH40 shows up this year

1 manfrotto 3021pro with a manfrotto leveling post. this is where the BH55 resides and will remain so for a long time.

i'm happy with both but the action on the BH55 is more to my liking as the M10 is just like a Arca Swiss B1. there isof course the weight penalty but it a heavier setup for heavier equipment. there is always compromise but the heavier tripod though tougher to carry is more stable to use.

yes i still do rave about the RRS head. but i aloso have no real issues with the markins either. both serve their purposes well for me.

the lockup is almost just a finger twist. the drag setting is more precise. the profile per size is lower and the fliplock is a charm. warranty is easier to deal with too.
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