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Generally I see that we use tripods for long exposures/or to prevent camera shakes. I have seen some photographers carrying their cameras on monopods. Logically it would seem that the monopod will prevent a vertical shake. But what about the side-to-side shake? Then, why use monopods? Can anyone explain to me the usage of these accessories? When monopod? When tripod? and why?


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Tripods are the most stable, but not permitted in many places, where you can get away with a monopod. Monopods are more portable, and quicker to move if you have to bugger out for some reason. You will see a lot of sports shooters using monopods.

A monopod takes the weight of your kit, which can be substantial with a long lens, and can be surprisingly stable when you learn how to use them right. I don't want to sound mystic here, but you and your monopod have to become one to form a stable camera support. 8)

I use mine partially extended as a "walking stick/cane",and have gotten it into places that outright say no tripodspermitted.

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I use a monopod with a ball head adjustment. This is so I can place the bottom end behind one heel of my shoe and tilt the pod forward bracing the shaft against my leg. One hand is on the ball adjustment with your ebow against your body and the other is for the shutter release. It helps if the shutter button is on the very top of the camera so that there is a straight downward push. I have also used this system with a cable release on cameras that have this feature.

Tripods are better. I have used waist high tripods for digital cameras that have a rotating LCD (it has to be usable in sun light) and used the on camera shutter timer.
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Take a look at this

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