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sick little monkey May 17, 2005 12:11 PM

Hi folks - I used this tripod with a 10D, sigma 180mm Macro lens mounted on the tripod collar and macro flash MT24EX last summer to do macro flower work with the uni-loc 25 ball head. I was just about able to get away with it but I found the head was not quite strong enough when leaning over using a large angle and would slip on alot of shots so with the weather getting better I would like something a bit bigger and stronger to alleviate the problem - any ideas as there are so many?

Also I may think of getting a focussing rail or macro stage so that may be a factor as well...

Thanks for your time... :-)

sjms May 31, 2005 11:44 AM

there are a few options for you illness. but as with all heavy duty cures (non slip accurate and long lasting) they come with a matching price tag. Markins, Kirk, RRS, manfrotto, AS all have ballheads that will do the job and then some.

macro rails/stages- that would be RRS and manfrotto.

sick little monkey Jun 1, 2005 4:19 AM

thanks - so you think definitely go with a ball head for the flexibility?

cheers :-)

sjms Jun 3, 2005 11:25 AM

for me without a doubt. i have 2.

sick little monkey Jun 3, 2005 12:13 PM

they look nice - would you lean towards any specifically for macro work ?

- they look pretty pricy as you said...what would you say is the best value for money?

have u ever used or know anything about the manfrotto 490RC4/Bogen 3038 - would that do the job?


sjms Jun 3, 2005 2:24 PM

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i use both for macro

the markins is on my 2228 for travel. the RRS is on the 055MF3.

for packing it in i tend to use the 2228 for size and weight advantages. it markins just requires a bit more effort for locking down with my camera and lens setups. i have no issues with either like them both on their individual merits. the 2005 version of the markins (mine is modded by the way) is less then 500gms now with their clamp. for a 10D or 20D its perfect even with a 300mm 2.8 sitting on top.

the reason i go with these and most of what i mentioned is they natively support the arca swiss clamping system which has pretty much become the defacto standard for the industry and has a substantial user base. the plates for each camera are pretty much custom fit to the bodies and allow a great deal of versatility in building a unified kit. manfrotto does the one size fits all setup but has 3-4 different plate sizes that don't interop with each other.

this is a 1D2 with a 150mm 2.8 sigma macro on it. ROCK SOLID! and easy to manuver any way you want.

sjms Jun 3, 2005 2:37 PM

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this is the markins holding the same lens camera combo using it sideways

sick little monkey Jun 3, 2005 3:05 PM

whoa....! - I see what you mean - impressive...

I've checked out the site but I think over £200 for a head is out of my range at the moment -

I looked at the Q Ball M10 which says it comes with a QR plate but says "The attached QS-52 clamp is secured with lock-tite glue and it can only be removed voiding the warranty. The ball head comes with no camera or lens plates - they have to be ordered separately." - can you explain what this means and how does it affect using other QR plates etc...

sjms Jun 3, 2005 5:30 PM

there is nothing wrong with the qrclamp that comes with the m10. my m10 came with a older version of it. the new one is quite nice. i just wanted the 2 heads to act the same.

now the M10 can be ordered without anyclamp at all. it does come with a stud for you to attach your choice of clamp. locktiting a clamp on is simple.

this is the realm of the ballhead that you can trust not to slip. everything in life is a set of choices. what happens though is you end up spending more $$$ as you go to make these decisions. its like when you chose the sigma 180 macro. it cost but it also delivered the images you wanted.

on the plates. my preference is towards RRS but kirk and others work as well. there are so called universal plate available. if you are looking for that i suggest looking at wimberly. markins plates tend to be a little thin and do not fit other clamps well. for wimberly stuff.

the reason i go with RRS is that they are more system oriented while still being interoperable with other products. their setups for lighting and macro have no peer to truely match them

yes this stuff costs. but you can spend more just trying to find the stuff that works as advertised and guess where you end up at the end?

i'm lucky in that i'm not a car guy, a gun guy, ok i do like my sound stuff. my hobby has turned somewhat into a business. this is where i plunk down my duckets. if i put anyof this stuff i have up for sale i will recover most of myoriginal output and quickly too. i don't care what people say you buy good you by once.

you buy a markins and it will pay for itself in operational satisfaction. you buy the right plates the same will hold true.

sjms Jun 3, 2005 5:44 PM

note the bracket on my camera. its called an L plate. it allows you to shift from horizontal to vertical framing with a minimal amount of recomposition. unlike using the tripod head flopped over you just unlock from the plate flip into the chosen position lock and recompose as needed. using the flop over method throws every thing off on 2 axis and also throws the weight out too. this is of course for use with lenses that have no collar for support/rotation. this allows me to do pretty much with a non collared lens what a collared lens does.

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