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I am looking to buy my first tripod and ballhead. I know that most cases you buy them separtely. I would like a decent tripod that doesn't break the bank. But what I really want is a great grip action ballhead. I used one at a PPA meeting and thought it was awesome. But I don't know what brand it was or anything about it.

Here is what I am looking for: a grip action that allows you to go from horizontal to vertical just by griping and moving. I don't want to have to unscrew anything and make changes. I just want to grip, move let go.

What are your suggestions?????

Thanks so much,


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You don't mention the camera and lens you'll be using but weight is a deciding factor.
I persionally don't care for pistol grops but if you are looking for one look at the Grip Action Ballheads by Bogen depending on the load you have you may check into the Bogen / Manfrotto 322RC2 Supports 11 lb (5 kg) or the Bogen / Manfrotto 3265 Grip or 3265 Grip both support 5.50 lb (2.49 kg)
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jtgraphics wrote:

You don't mention the camera and lens you'll be using but weight is a deciding factor.

Especially since some of these grip heads are quite heavy. All of them I've seen weigh more than my camera! :O

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Slick has a couple pistol grips:
Slik AF2100
Slik AF-1100E

And Manfrotto has a side grip:
Bogen / Manfrotto 322RC2

And an interesting joystick like design:
Bogen / Manfrotto 3265

But most of the above have load bearing capacities comparable to ballheads in the $40 range. So you are sacrificing a bit of stability for the convenience. And it does matter how heavy your setup is. These are probably fine for lighter weight gear, but I don't think you see them on the heavier duty more professional equipment.

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