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SteveKir Jun 11, 2006 7:26 PM

I want to create very smooth 360 degree pans. Whatever I do, the image wobbles or the pan speed varies, which look very unprofessional. My camcorder weighs only 600 g so weight should not be a problem.

The Bescor head looks good but it pans only +-90 degrees. I don't need remote control.


jacks Jun 12, 2006 3:24 AM

Actually, weight IS your problem. More weight means more inertia which will tend to smooth out wobbles and bumps. I assume (though it's not clear from your post) that you are unhappy with hand-held pans. If so, try attaching your camera to something heavy - a block of wood with a bolt for the tripod mount might be good - and see if this helps. A rifle-stock like mount will also help as it will brace your arm and make you turn your whole body to pan - once again, more mass and so more inertia.
The absolute worst case is holding your camera out in front of you with one hand while you try and turn. It takes very little to make 600g plus the wieght of your forearm move up and down, especially if its mounted on the end of a long lever (your arm).
If you already have a motorized tripod and it's not doing the business, sticking a bean bag on top of the camera might help. More weight. Same principal whether there is a motor involved or not.

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