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Like most people checking out tripods, I am trying to find the balance between what my checkbook can handle and what will fill my needs. I'm sure you have all heard it before, I want a tripod the size of pencil that expands to 72 inches, 3 ounces max, under $10, etc...

Soon I will be taking my 2 week vacation in Montana and Wyoming with a significant part of the time in Yellowstone. I will be spending half that time traveling and sleeping in the back of my Yukon truck (like a full size two door blazer) and camping too.

I have pretty much decided that I need two tripods. One will be a "real" tripod to take when I don't have to carry it far. Say, fireworks on the 4th of July or something. That tripod will be purchased later.

I need a travel tripod. Something that will fit in my backpack, be mainly light and compact. I can crouch, find a rock to put the tripod on, etc. So height is secondary.

In my internet search I ran into this set up by Cullmann. Wow, I think it is super slick.


I have found this entire kit for about $120 online. I was shooting for under $100, but the little gadgets look awesome! Ok, the ground spike looks pretty useless.

The tripod is small, but they rate it at 6.6 pounds carrying weight. My Minolta 7D with Tamron 200-500mm is about 5 pounds! I know small, light and cheap doesn't really go well with sturdy.. but could it get the job done? Maybe use it at half extension?

I'm not sure about the clamp mount. That may be usefull on an ATV?

Ground Spike.... um... yeah. For when I can't just put the camera on the ground? lol

Woodscrew. Man, i think that is cool. Walking along in the forest, need a monopod? Grab a stick and your leatherman = instant monopod!

Suction cup mount. This could be really cool too. If you haven't been to Yellowstone, I can't really discribe it. Taking pictures in Yellowstone is about the same ascatching fish in a barrel. It's amazing what you can get from the comfort of your car, and that suction cup mount would be really cool on the window of my truck.

So.... to make a long question long.... Has anyone tried out any of this Cullmann gear? Or maybe some general comments on Cullman products?

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Saw your post on the Cullmann Touring Set, and had to reply....

I've owned a Touring Set for about 20 years now, and have used it extensively, especially for travel. The tripod is small, but has a great ball head. This is the only tripod I 've taken along when travelling, due to its compact size and extremely light weight. It weighs just over 1 lb. and extends toa maximum height of 31 inches.

I haven't used the other components in the set nearly as much. The ground spike is surprisingly useful, as it has a screw mount to hold the post and ball head from the tripod.

Overall I highly recommend the Cullmann Touring Set. Great West German quality in a well thought out package. Suggest you look for one on eBay, they pop up there from time to time.
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