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I am considering purchasing the manfrotto 3021BPro tripod with 488 rc2 ball head. I hear this is not the lightest but wanted to know people's recommendations. I would use it for landscapes so I would have to carry it around a bit. Most likely a morning or afternoon- not a full day. Would this be too heavy? Any suggestions.I know people recommend the carbon fiber but it isn't in my budget and I am not a professional.

Thanks for the help.
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I have the 3021Bpro with 488RC4 - so, same weight just different mounting plate.

It's a great setup but as mentioned not the lightest. The problem is, to get lighter with the same load bearing capacity you need to go carbon fiber or similar which jacks up the price quite a bit.

I bought an Op-Tech tripod strap and prefer to use that to carry the tripod (over using a case). I also have a photo backpack the tripod can mount to. It really is a fabulous setup. Impossible to say whether it's too bulky to carry for you - that's an individual thing. I can stress, however, the importance of buying a sturdy tripod. If you can't afford the carbon fiber type tripods this one is an excellent choice. Other aluminum tripods may be lighter - but then of course they'll be less sturdy.

I really like the fact that each leg has it's own angle control - which makes it great for stability on uneven ground and combined with the removable center column, you can get this guy right down to within a foot of the ground.
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I also have the 3021 pro, and agree it is not the lightest, but very sturdy and should last for many years.
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Old Dec 30, 2006, 11:31 AM   #4
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I just recently purchased the 3021BPRO + 488RC2 ballhead combo from B&H, I've had it about 3 weeks now, in regards to the tripod itself, it's amazing. This is my first really good tripod, I can't believe I wanted this long to get one. As for weight, yeah it's a bit of a heavy sucker. I think with the 488RC2 it's somewhere in the 9lb range. I've been meaning to get a case for it to throw aound my shoulder, hoping that will be a little easier on me, not that I'm weak but 9lbs does get heavy over time.

There is one complaint I have with it though, there is a bracket on the bottom of the center column, can be used for many things, hanging stuff off the tripod to add more weight, or hooking a strap to. My complaint is I keep folding the legs on to it since it rotates 360 degress, even with being careful not to do it, before I noticed I was doing it I already gouged a 1mm slot in one of the top leg tubes. I've been trying to take the bracket off but I don't think there is anyway to. Right now I just solved the problem of the bracket messing up the legs by running a strip of black electrical tape around each top leg tube where it could come in contact. It may sound ghetto but it's not even noticable.
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As with the previous series,the 3021BPROhas a removeablecenter column that doubles asa horizontal lateral arm. Not only does this allow the camera to be offset from leg position, but it provides the simplest way possible to shoot from directly overhead.

It seems like it should be removeable?
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I use the same tripod with the 488RC0 ball head and find it quite managable even on long walks. I sometimes strap it to my Tamrac backpack to get where I want to shoot, but often just carry it over my shoulder. Weight is a subjective thing, but as you can see by my screen name I am no spring chicken, and have occasional back problems. Spending twice the money for a 2-3 lb weight savings would be hard to justify on my budget. I would rather spend the difference saving for better glass.
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