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Default Another Reason to Get a Carbon Fiber Tripod

The sky was particularly clear this evening. I had been interested in doing some shooting of the night sky, and my step-son had gotten a remote shutter release for me for Christmas, and I was anxious to try it out. So I put the Nikon 85/1.8 on the D90, switched to M, set the aperture to f/8.0 and the shutter speed to Bulb, connected the remote, mounted it on the tripod, went out and pointed the camera at the Orion constellation.

I took a 30 second exposure and a 60 second exposure, and it was getting cold so I decided to pack up and go back inside.

I wasn't outside for more that a few minutes, but the aluminum tripod was FRIGID!

A carbon fiber tripod would have been a lot easier to handle in 29F without gloves.
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Well, I never thought of that reason. :P
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It's true I've got one of each and in the cold there is a huge difference so it's not just a weight issue.
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good to know.... i'm thinking of getting a good tripod soon.... just not sure what kind. although, it really doesn't get cold here on guam what would you suggest for a new photographer... I have a d90

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