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Default Another Sirui - this time a 3T-35R (R=Red)

When I bought the P-204SR monopod a few weeks ago (and I really love this too), I also spied one of the the much talked about 3T-35 mini tripods. A few days ago I went back to that camera shop and bought one of them. They only had the red "R" model left in stock but that didn't upset me too much - although to be totally honest I would have preferred a black one. After a small initial shock, it's turned out to be yet another shining example of a very well thought out and made Sirui product.. The initial shock was (actually it wasn't really a "shock", so much as a "realization"), that it didn't come with a cellphone holder so that must be either a Sirui accessory or another brand adaptor product,, but it comes with a smallish ballhead only. I really wanted to use the cellphone camera most of all on this tripod, as the 3T-35 can be used as one of those selfie stick thingamejig's (who the heck wants to take pictures or videos of her/himself anyway..??), or to just to simply take forward facing videos as you wander, which was how I wanted to use it. You achieve this by folding in the legs either up or down, which then becomes a handgrip. You can also extend the centre shaft to gain some height and voilą - camera on a stick, a very solid stick too.. I did however, try out the ballhead and one of my other camera's, a Panasonic TZ-90, or ZS70 as it's known as in the US.. This can take some reasonably good video, quite good in 1080, or even acceptable but not outstanding 4K,, so I'd rather use 1080 though. It's only a small pocket type camera, so you can't expect studio quality video, can you.??

It can of course, be also used as per it's original design, as a small tripod on the ground or maybe a desktop etc, just DON'T try to mount a large DLSR on it, NO WAY, like I have seen it done on YouTube. On YouTube the 3T-35 actually looks bigger than it really is, so don't be tempted or this will surely end in tears for you and maybe a hefty repair bill for your camera and/or lens,, and of course the longer the lens,, well I'll leave the law of leverage logic up to you on that one - OK..!!

I am finding that quite a few Sirui tri / bi / mono pod's can have multiple uses, by connecting or disconnecting bits 'n' pieces to or from them and they seem to be made with this and high quality in mind. I am quite impressed with the build quality and the ergonomics of both of my xxx-pod's and can see myself maybe replacing my Manfrotto gear some time in the future but I have other fish to fry right now and an already stretched budget will only go so far over a given period of time...
Cheers all...!!!

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