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I am bit confused abt the usage of Ball head and 3way pan-tilt head.

which one do you guys recommend in case of ease of use and capability.

can these two be used for same purpose i.e is that having both of the head redundant ???

please advise.

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if you go back into the history of this particular thread it has been discussed many times.

yes both are used for the same purpose. i myself have been using ballheads for about 15 years now. i have found no advantage to a 3WP type head. some say precision but i have only found 1 or 2 that even come close to being called that and they were up there in price with the better ballheads.

a good ballhead with a good clamping system will make life considerably easier. the advantages are realized through the learning curve. there are clamping systems that also enhance the usability of your tripod, ballhead, camera interface.

the first thing that you have to learn is that a tripod systemis a tool of composition. you can get cheap tools or you can get good tools. generally the good tools will work better in the right hands.

decisions decisions

the ballhead you choose will be dependent on your gear that you currently own and of course what you dream to own so it will support it. there are heads that support 4 lbs then there are those that support in excess of 90lbs. there are as many different models as there are cameras today. the ballhead population is growing where 3WP is pretty much DOA on developement


Arca Swiss- (the originator of the modern day ballhead) Switzerland

RRS- Really Right Stuff at the moment considered the top dog in design and execution (USA)

Kirk- another well constructed ballhead that emulates the AS (USA)

Markins- another emulator of the AS design well machined and light (S. Korea)

Manfrotto- good quality with various designs in a few weight classes good pricing. not as refined in construction. not as scary in price though. (ITA)

there are about 15 more but lesser known makers. the ones i posted are the current popular makers hopefully due to there qualty and function.

this is an image of what is considered to be 2 of the top ballheads RRS and Markins):

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I do most of my photography out in the field, so a ball head is my tool of choice. Rarely do I ever set-up on level ground, so bubble levels are redundant. A ball will let you level a shot, without worrying about whether the tripod is absolutelylevel or not. Besides most quick disconnects have some looseness to them, that does not spell "steady".
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