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chhetri_inside Jul 19, 2006 3:49 PM

I keep reading on the web that you need tripod with long tele, so wanted to buy some tripod setup under $400. I searched the web and its all too confusing and people just seem to write reviews on $600 ballheads alone(not my budget) that can take 50lb load(which I don't need)
What I want is something usefull with 400mm lens weighing not more than 10lb(including the camera) which is suitable for stationary/flight bird shot. Did anybody have similar set of gears. Height should be around 64" without the extension. Weight of tripod/head not more than 7lb.
I'm not really sure about when does one need ballhead/gimbalhead/panfluidhead etc etc.
Can somebody share the information on this

chhetri_inside Jul 21, 2006 1:43 AM

OK ... after reading for a while on web, it all confused me a ton. So for the peace of mind I thought lets go one more step ahead and the news is I just ordered my Kirk BH-1 ball for $350. The reason I chose BH-1 instead of arca swiss B-1 and RRS BH55 is that they all seem to be more or less similar quality but I was getting BH-1 for $50 less and besides it is bundled with general purpose QR plate, otherwise I had to spend another $50 for QR plate and gets thing going.
Now, I plan to get Gitzo 1340 ... It's gonna be $700 a total and not sure I will really need that. More you read reviews on net more you get excited and drift to get a Pro equipment.

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