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I am going to purchase a monopod and I am having so much difficulty in choosing that I decided to join this forum and ask all of your professional advice.

I have a very small Sony Micro-MV camcorder that I use for both pictures and video. Especially when taking video, I have found even with stabilization that I still get alot of shaking. I am hoping a monopod can help with this. (also, most of my video is taken during vacation and on rafting trips.)

The things I am looking for are:

1.sturdy, won't break in backcountry settings

2.quick setup, I dont want to spend alot of time getting the legs ready.

3. This next one is where I am really getting confused. I want a head that will allow me to pan and move my camcorder around without too much trouble and still stabilize it. I am not sure what a ball head or a pan and tilt is or which one may be better for a camcorder.

4. quick release of the head. I dont want to have to stop and screw in the camera every time I use it.

5. I am 6'2" so something that is tall enough to use without bending over all the time.

So, I am hoping for your recommendations.

Thanks for your attention in this


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Buy a Monfrotto (Bogen) or Gitzo. Both make fine mono and tripods. Bogen tend to be priced lower.

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Old Jun 16, 2004, 6:56 PM   #3
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i second that.
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Old Jul 4, 2004, 6:46 AM   #4
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Good advice.

I have a Manfrotto 681 monopod. It is a very sturdy 3 section monopod that is easy to set up.

Manfrotto monopods will accept all head types..so if you like a specific tripod mount..then you can easily install them as they have the 2 standard tripod screw sizes built in.

Check out their web site. I can attest to their quality, as I also own one of their tripods as well.

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Old Jul 4, 2004, 1:51 PM   #5
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I agree with above...

Bogen 681B (b for black, won't reflect) and a Bogen 3229 swivel head.
For stablizing I'm at a loss... since it's
a monopod you do not need a panning head and a ball mount
is a waste of money. BTW the 3229 comes with a built in
Bogen Quick Release and plate, if you want another QR get
the 3223 swivle.

Here's a picture of the 3229 so you know what I'm referring to...

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Old Aug 24, 2004, 10:08 AM   #6
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I have used the Manfrotto, headless so to speak, it is very sturdy with excellent hardware. I have a hybrid myself, I purchased a lightweight monopod from eBay which had a quick release but no real moveable head. I wanted the head to tilt forward and back so I had an old Sanwo tripod which dated from the early 1960s, a small model used with a Minox camera. Since the Sanwo legs were in poor shape I took the head for my monopod. Finally I added a cheap metal quick release bracket that has been in the bottom of my camera bag forover 15 years. For my lightweight digicam it is now ideal, it only lacks a tilt feature.

BTW has anyone else noticed that the mass of a collapsed monopod, simply hanging from your hand like a pendulum, can help to steady a light weight digicam (acts like a simple version of the "steadycam" used in video).

I know this isn't much help but I couldn't resist the opportunity to tell the story, here is what it looks like:

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