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I purchased a photo digital video Tungsten light kit by Dynasphos (their brand) and an Umbrella Soft box from this company in July 2005 on eBay. Along with this order, I paid an additional $15 for rush shipping so that my order would be shipped within 24 hours. After 48 hours from the order time, I called to get my tracking number. The customer service person told me that the light kit was backordered and that they did not know when they would get more light kits in and that I would just have to wait. 3 weeks had finally gone by without correspondence from Amvona.com. I called the company and the lady that answered the phone said, "I don't know why they have not shipped your product, this is very strange. I will personally make sure that the products are shipped tomorrow." I had put in a negative rating on eBay because of this problem. I received a phone call from "Matthew - General Manager" saying that he understood that I put in a negative rating on eBay. He told me that unless I removed the rating, I would not receive the product. I have not removed the rating and he has now put a stop shipment order in with FedEx and will not ship the product to me. Don't ever do business with a company that is as dishonest as Amvona.com.
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AlpineMan wrote: rnewby wrote:
Just found this posted at resellers.com

3/26/05 1:11 AM
Amvona is the BEST !!
Super High Quality products. Excellent customer service.
Fast Shipping. Superior Value. Tripods built rock solid.
I have done repeated business with Amvona and could not be more satisfied.
I will be buying from them again.
They have a 99.8 percent customer satisfaction rating.
I'll repeat that.......99.8 percent satisfaction.

'Nuff Said !!

Bill C.

Okay, I feel like I have to defend my post. I found that review when I was researching the site for myself. I've purchased several things from Amvona and I have been reasonably happy with some of the merchandise. Their line of C-stands are very much worth the money especially if you have good luck with the auctions. They certainly are not the caliber of matthews or Avenger. They are slightly lighter and dont feel like the would take the abuse of name brand stands. The bases are particularly vulnerable and are made of many parts and generally feel looser than a matthews. But for medium duty studio use I have been extremly happy with the product. Amvona does try to make up some of their revenue in their shipping charges and they do not bulk ship with ebay auctions. And the shipping charges will vary on the same item. As long as you pay attention you can get a medium grade studio item at a fraction of the cost.
I would not recomend the sand bags or boom stands. Of six sand bags two came a part where the fabric handels are stitched to the bags. The boom I recieved is useful but has no screw lock mechanism for attaching the casters to the stand (like Bogen) so that if you put an weight at all on the stand the wheels will slowly slide out and render the stand wobbbly or unmoveable. I had to drill press my own holes and fashion metal key inserts to keep the wheels stationary.
The only other items I bought were two 5 in 1 light ovals ( I call'em flex fills)for location. they seem heavy duty and use them regularly with no problems.
Would I recomend Amvona? it's a little like Vegas.. with a little smarts and a little luck at the right table a the right time you can double your money.
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Old Aug 15, 2005, 4:43 PM   #23
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Thanks, rnewby. That's what I call useful user feedback!

You gave us your personal experience and compared the Amvona products to the industry standards. Since I work on a no-budget weekly soap opera, the cheaper products are a definite possibility.

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Old Aug 15, 2005, 7:38 PM   #24
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i have the 858 tripod, and i have no qualms with it.. basically its the same specs as the monfrotto 3021.. the build quality is just fine for me, came black with leg warmers and everything..

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"i would caution you against buying your tripod head from them though as they are not very smooth.. i put a monfrotto 488RC2 on mine and its a good combination.. funny thing is that head cost 3x as much as the tripod :shock:
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Tripod capability comes mainly from two things:

- you actually have it with you
- you know how to use it and your camera

Buy a good one, or use a cheap on for learning purposes, but always understand that you and your skills are 99% of a tripod's functionality.

A $500 tripod sitting at home or that you haven't practiced using is no better than a $10 ebay special.
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Hi, new here,

Stopped by to research the Dynatran brand and stumbled on your thread. After reading all of your posts I decided to look Amvona.com up at the Better business Bureau web site http://www.bbb.org. I always do this when a company gets so many bad reviews. Their'sis the worst I have ever seen.

Follow this link and read: http://www.bosbbb.org/reports/reliab...mId=0000088879

I was looking to get a light stand from them on ebay but mot anymore. If I were one of their victims on Ebay I would place a formal complaint against them here:

http://pages.ebay.com/help/contact_us/_base/index.htmlThey could lose their membership.

So happy I found this thread you saved me from a lot of undue stress.

Oh and as far as gear goes:

I am a firm believer in the addage: "You get what you pay for". Ispend the $$$ on the necessary basics: Tripod, camera, camera case, lenses,lightmeter,lightsand film. All else is secondary and upgradeable when I make enough to buy the good stuff that I want.

When I make a purchase I think about 3 things:
  1. Can I carry it all at once if I had to? [/*]
  2. Is it right for my style of shooting? I like to be mobile, so everything must be able to move with me quickly. [/*]
  3. Will having itsave me time and money in the long run?[/*]
That's my 2 pennies...

~ TK :bye:
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Old Aug 24, 2005, 5:58 PM   #27
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TK, thanks for the info and the link. Just feel that I have to say I've had the 828 for 2 months now and am still very happy with it. I wanted a heavy, sturdy, adjustable tripod and thats what I got for under $50 delivered. I had no problems with shipping, billing or anything else. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few, but they treated me ok and just wanted to speak up


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Old Oct 20, 2005, 12:22 PM   #28
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I have been sending e-mail to amvona.com for several days, asking a simple question about one of their auctions on e-bay. They continue to ignore my inquiries.. probably because the item is of little value.

I live in Massachusetts, and thought I would call them, and found this while searching for their phone number:

Photoflex Sues Amvona.com for Patent & Copyright Infringement

I am strictly an e-bay buyer, with excellent rating. I noticed several negative feedback posts for amvona.com on e-bay.

While I'm here, perhaps one of you can answer my question about this item:

The DynaTran™ studio tong / muslin clamps
http://cgi.ebay.com/STUDIO-TONGS-MUSLIN-BACKGROUND-CLAMPSNEW_W0QQitemZ7554183962QQcategoryZ79006QQrdZ 1QQcmdZViewItem

Does anyone know how these clamps work? Do they have a spring mechanism, or are they the kind of clamp where you push a ring down over the "jaws" of the clamp to tighten?

I would really appreciate info from anyone who has seen these. They do not have an enlarged photo on amvona.com, so you can't see the detail.

Thank you

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Old Oct 22, 2005, 9:06 PM   #29
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photoflex is not the only ones amvona ripped off.
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Just o add my two cents. I do a lot of traveling with all my equipment (about 70 pounds worth). About 7 months ago I bought an AT-818 tripod and an at-1016 monopod, as well as a few umbrellas. I got them really cheap. I live in northern Mass, pretty much the only stores around here sell comparable products for 4 times more. I have had absolutely no problems with the customer service or the quality of the equipment (although it is a bit heavier then I expected – not that that's necessarily a bad thing). The monopod came with two quick release heads (one of them lost a screw and no longer usable – the other one is fine), the tri-pod came with only one. Honestly, I can't complain. Everything that I got from them far exceeded my expectations for the price. Really, the stuff they have costs 3-4 times more at a store (different brand).

Their stuff is SOLID you could defend your self with the monopod it someone tries to steal your equipment – it's like a heavy metal baseball bat. I never worry while walking around with my camera, lens, etc… hanging of the end of it when I move it from place to place. A dunk guy at a soccer game in the Ukraine crashed into it while I was shooting. He fell down, hurt his shoulder on the legs, and punched it while trying to stand up. The tripod shook a little, never tilted, and doesn't have a single scratch on it. It made me really appreciate the weight and the build.

I just ordered $600+ worth of lighting equipment from them and although I haven't communicated with anyone about it I expect for it to be fine. A friend of mine at the Mass College of Art bought lighting stuff from them and he said that he was happy with it. Check out their ebay rating – it's pretty good from a company that does so much business. I'll post again when I get all the stuff that I ordered.

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