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Old Feb 11, 2006, 11:10 AM   #31
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Right, I was reading this post and others for opinions about Amvona.com before I order a CF tripod from them.

Its a highly competitive environment out there in the online market place. One bad comment like this has the potential to be read across the world!

I will be skipping them!

P. Soon
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Old Mar 4, 2006, 3:50 PM   #32
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I just bought a Dynatran 9901AT on eBay and I have to say, I love it. What I DON'T love, though, is the company that sold it. I won the unit for a skoash over fifty bucks; with the exorbitant shipping it came to a few pennies under $76. This is a carbon-fiber leg, three-section, 75mm bowl tripod (basically a knock-off of a Bogen/Manfrotto) that lists on their website for $699.


That's theMSRP of the real thing; I've seen the real thing for as low as $649 and you could probably find it cheaper if you looked around. That much said, I'm really very happy with the item I bought, and for about $76 it's a pretty amazing deal. If it had been $100 or even $125, it still would have been a pretty good deal. But somehow the company needs to play this game where they charge $24 for shipping (should be about half that) and then tries to hijack you for another fifteen bucks for "rush shipping" - read the fine print and you'll see that their idea of "rush" just means they ship it out today, instead of letting the item sit in their warehouse for a week before they box it up and put a stamp on it. That much said, they did get it to me in about two weeks, as promised.

So, for $76 I got a nice, solid tripod with only a couple of drawbacks. One is that with the legs fully extended and the built-in spreader at full extension, it's only about 4' tall. Getting it to eye level (with the head and camera on it, of course) means pulling the legs in a little bit, but I use a seperate floor spreader so it's no big deal. Plus, it's going to spend a lot of its life riding on a doorway dolly (it replaces my old wooden sticks, which have been my workhorse for more than a decade) so that's not really much of an issure - for me.

The other thing is the feet. It has permanently attached rubber carpet feet, period. I know Bogen/Manfrotto makes some kind of replacement feet that have both spikes and carpet feet; I'm going to do a little checking to see how much hassle it would be to add them to my new 'pod. If they cost less than, say, fifty bucks, I'm still in good shape as far as cost goes.

But it still bugs me that the company doesn't just sell the 'pod for $75 plus a reasonable shipping cost and be done with it. Why make it seem like a scam when you're actually getting a decent piece of equipment at a decent price? I'm tempted to buy a second one and cut it down into a set of baby legs, but I don't especially want to deal with the company again!
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Old Mar 5, 2006, 8:47 PM   #33
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What difference does it make whether you pay 50.00 for a tripod and 50.00 shipping or 80.00 for a tripod and 20.00 for shipping? The fact is that there is no difference apart from your perception. You know how much the shipping is before you bid dont you? If they charged less for shipping you would have to bid more since the total amount of what you are prepared to bid includes the postage cost.
You get products from them dirt cheap and what helps to keep them dirt cheap is illiminating costs. The higher the starting price the higher the fee, so having a high post and HANDLING fee helps to cover them for when an item sells at a below cost price. Ebay charges a final value fee as a percentage of what the item sells for, postage is not included. Therefore the more the postage the less you bid the lower the final value fee. I bought something from ebay that cost 1 cent but the postage was $18.00, do you think if I complained about the postage they would waste time responding to something that is pretty easy to figure out for myself?
I bought a tripod and head from them that cost 13.00 US. The carry bag alone is worth more than that, but buy a manfrotto and its extra. There is very little difference in weight compared to a manfrotto, unless you compare them to the carbon fibre. They are also quite a bit taller so that makes them heavier and fold up longer, if they have the same number of joints how can they be any longer folded? It all depends on the extended length. I also bought a carbon fibre set of legs which is 57cm closed compared to 64 for a manfrotto. The carbon fibre is very light and very sturdy, you wont be dissapointed by it. I think why people try to find fault with them is because they want to rain on your parade, they dont like to think that they paid 5 times as much for a product thats really not much if any better than yours, so will try to justify their mistake by making out you made a big mistake, it makes them feel better to think that the hundreds more they spent was really worth it, and they do this by trying to pick faults in the other product, like someone that loses a race and convinces themselves that the other person must have cheated.
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Old Mar 17, 2006, 12:59 PM   #34
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Lets face it, when you order things online you're taking a risk no matter what. If your spending less than $100 on these, its def worth the risk. I bought the 858CL last week, received it the other day. I really like it for the money. I spent $65 dollars in all. I didnt like the 'red handle bars' it had, so I painted them with flat black enamel. It looks better this way in my opinion. The build quality is very decent, it is made in China, however, its VERY sturdy. However being mainly built out of hard metal, this tripod is fairly heavy, it works great for outdoor shots where its very windy but I wouldnt suggest hiking with it because of its weight. They do get a lot of orders, maybe thats why their customer service isnt up to par with everyone else. They run their business like a wholesale retailer and not much of a consumer-store-shop.

But yeah, its worth taking the risk. If you have deep pockets, get something more expensive, but expensive equipment doesnt make a great photograph, its the one who wields it that matters most. For less than $100 bucks, pfftt.. this is a great deal.

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Old Mar 26, 2006, 5:04 PM   #35
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I recently purchased a Dynatran tripod from Amvona.com and initially was very impressed. They are very heavy, however, I dont mind carrying around the weight if it is sturdy. The ball on the fluid head just cracked today and the lower 1/4 of the plastic ball broke off. Strangely this actually improved the fluidity of the head motion. For right now this will do the job but eventually I plan to buy to of the line products since I plan to work as a professional photographer. With that said can anyone reccomend a real top of the line tripod? I've read reviews on most of the big names and Slik seems to have the best ratings.
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Old Mar 28, 2006, 1:24 PM   #36
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I purchased a tripod from them through their eBay store back in August of 2005. Loved it. But then in February of 2006 (clearly within their supposed 1-year warranty), the plastic shells on the rubber feet that allow them to swivel cracked and broke apart, allowing the rubber feet to fall off while I was out in the middle of a field (in other words, I have no clue where the pieces are). They have not responded to me on this matter in over a month now. So I guess they are a good buy, if they never break or need repair done to them.

This was the model I bought:

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Old Apr 1, 2006, 6:12 PM   #37
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I purchased (won on ebay) a used Dynatran 818 tripod with a 903YT head for 24$ + actual shipping 22$. A few weeks later I picked up a lightly used 3126 manfrotto fluid head. I was happy with everything that I had purchased regarding tripods up to this point (all used stuff from individuals). I then won an action for a new Amnova monopod, the head was junk and the leg was heavy, I will probably end up not using it much.
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Old Apr 18, 2006, 4:32 PM   #38
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I have a Dynatran AT 220 lightweight tripod I bought through Amvona last year. It's for backpackers; weighs 1.3 pounds. I've used it twice, and the collar that attaches the pan head to the column broke. Amvona says they don't have parts for it! Not what I would call either quality equipment or good customer service. BTW, I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knows where I can get a new collar, or otherwise how to repair it.
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Old May 1, 2006, 4:58 PM   #39
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csh wrote:
<snip> Buy a good one, or use a cheap on for learning purposes, but always understand that you and your skills are 99% of a tripod's functionality.


That is a great idea. I was going to spend $200+ for my first tripod because I thought of it as an investment rather than an expense (as I did my with new camera)...however, I am a brand-new DSLR shooter, and I could easily justify one of those Dynatran tripods to learn on...AS LONG AS IT WAS STURDY!!

I realizemy Canon 20D is a point-n-shoot toy compared to a Hasselblad H2D...butit happens to bethe single biggest investment in camera equipment I've ever made...and I certainly dont want it getting f***ed up because I was foolish enough to pay $50 for a shitty tripod.

If these Dynatrans are holding up, I may use it as a starter platform to see just how much I actually end up ACTUALLY USING a tripod!! I mean, at 50-bucks shipped its pretty hard to beat, right?
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Old Jun 8, 2006, 1:11 AM   #40
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The difference in the high shipping cost is that it is non refundable if you need to return the item the S&H charges are very seldom refundable. As for leaving negative feedback. Wait until you get the product first then Neg 'em. Da!
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