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You compare them to manfrotto 3021, do you own the manfrottos or are you comparing based on pictures? I'm more curious about the actual sturdiness in use than design in general. Are there any specific shortcomings that may indicate why the price is so low?
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I've used the Manfrotto 3021 in the past, as it was owned by a studio I worked with. Essentially, there is no difference between it and the AT-858 leg set. The price of the Amvonas is low because they are made in China, by cheap labor, and they have minimal R&D, being copies, and minimal marketing expense, selling online without any advertising in major media.

The main cost differential is that it costs alot less to copy than to innovate and design something functional from scratch. Essentially, it's an excellent copy, that works the same as the original that it was copied from. Copies are always alot cheaper than originals. Sometimes, they work just as well, and this is one of those times.
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