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Has anyone used their tripods before? I just purchased this one from ebay for about $50 shipped: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=7506306415

It looked a lot better than my "el-cheapo" $10 Ambico tripod I bought from Big Lots. I'll be using my new tripod with my Canon 20D. Any opinions besides "I've never heard of this brand before"? Thanks!
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just remember, you get what you pay for.

depending on what your going to mount on it will make one heck of a difference on how it will work for you. you need to think of how you will use your tripod as you would use you camera. it is an extension of the camera and the choice should not be taken lightly unless you want to fill your closets with 3 legged coat hangers.



these are the 2 i use regularly. they allow me to shoot in about any position and any condition and will handle lenses to 600mm and way in with the heads at under 6lbs

you'll spend over a thousand dollars on cameras and lenses but give no real though to support. its a learning curve. 1 or 2 more like that one and youhopefully you'llget serious about their value in shooting. then start reading this forum more carefully and it will save you money when it comes time to get one that fits your needs and won't have to be replaced for years unless of course you like buying lots of tripods.

i just looked at the specs 9lbs:!::!::!: and 33in closed:!::!::!:. that thing is a beast. $24 shipping?. tht is if this is the one your looking at.


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sjms wrote:
... i just looked at the specs 9lbs:!::!::!: and 33in closed:!::!::!:. that thing is a beast. ...
Not something you would want to take on a long hike, but a cast-iron tripod isn't all bad. Weight adds to stability, and that is the whole point of a tripod. If you are only going to be using it in a studio/home or carry it in a van without hiking far off the road, heavy is just fine. In general, heavy also means cheaper.

AlpineMan, you really should go look at tripods and get the feel of them. Often a shop will allow exchange within 30/60/90 days if you find that you bought something that isn't working for you.
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