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I'm currently looking for an "excenter", but I can't find one. What I mean with "excenter": the mount on the Canon S1 IS (as for many many digi cams) isn't on the same line as the optic axe. Under certain circunstances this can be a problem (panorama shots for stiching).

For many years, I saw such adapter plates.

Now, that I could need one, I can't find them anymore. Maybe could someone help?

Thank you in advance!
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it can be done easily but not withoutfair outlay of eurosif you are using an arca swiss type quick release system. the setup i am referring to allows for precision positioning, including nodal point when calculated for just about any camera setup.


the advantage of the clamping system is that you can with the proper attachments precisely do multi axis adjustments
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There are several commercial pano heads available, but it isn't difficult to build one that does a fair job. See Max Lyons' forums for many examples - http://www.tawbaware.com/forum2.

Many of the problems folks have with panorama stitching are due to software limitations, not parallax. (And even parallax problems can sometimes be overcome by picking where the seams go, e.g., down a blank wall or tree trunk.) Simple, easy to use stitching software often cannot deal with the camera being off level. Subject motion can cause problems which will not be solved with a pano head.

I suggest shooting panos hand-held and off a standard tripod head. Buy or build a pano only after you have learned how to use Panorama Tools and one of its GUI front ends (PTGui, PTAssembler, PTMac, Hugin, ...) and after you are sure that your problem is parallax.
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