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Norm in Fujino Mar 24, 2008 8:25 PM

For several months Feisol has had a "not available" notice on the website for their "standard" grade of carbon tripods. I returned from a week in China last Saturday night, though, and noticed yesterday that the standard-grade tripods are once again available. The notice accompanying the new tripods states:

"After several months of testing and revising, we are proud to represent the launch of our standard type tripod.
The new standard type tripod has the below advantages over the old tripod:
1. High strength carbon fiber leg.
2. The main tripod frame is more solid than the previous frame.
3. Metal twist locks replace the old plastic twist locks.
4. Spike is now an optional accessory."

The prices of the standard grade have gone up quite a bit, however. The CT-3301 (legs) used to be $170, but it's now $215. I was able to get a set with legs, center column, ball head, and short spikes for a bit above $400. Their delaying the rerelease of the standard grade saved me money in other ways, though: the dollar is now 15-20% cheaper than it was a few months ago.

Website is FEISOL.

Norm in Fujino Mar 31, 2008 12:44 AM

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I've now uploaded a "First Impressions" kind of review of the tripod.

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