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raylee011 Feb 14, 2012 1:18 AM

How to contact Cullmann for repair
Does anyone know how to contact "Cullmann" for warranty service in the US?

My tripod is not level when I put the head horizontally. It is tiled down a little. I emailed them twice already but no reply.

raylee011 Feb 14, 2012 3:12 PM

I finally got a reply from Cullmann. I am updating this so that other people would know about it too.

For repair service/replacement please contact Cullmann distributor in the United States:

R.T.S. Inc.
40-11 Burt Drive
Deer Park, N.Y. 11729
Phone: (631) 242 6801
Email: [email protected]

VTphotog Feb 17, 2012 10:06 AM

Not sure how yours is made, but some pan/tilt heads have set screw adjustable stops so the horizontal/vertical stops are at 90 degrees. Another DIY alternative is to glue a shim in place to raise the head position.


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