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sjms Mar 9, 2005 8:54 AM

received my new tripod yesterday. i sold my beloved 3021Pro just the week before. surprise, surpise my new 055MF3tripod is practically identical to my old tripod. but threre are differences

almost 1 pound lighter

rated capacity almost 2 lbs higher

newer lever locks that no longer make that pronounced SNAP! sound. :love:

RIDGID. i always liked the stiffness of the 3021 series. this one has it by a nose in the stiffness department.

improved centerpost can be split into a shorty for the lowboy shots (this post can be purchased and used on the 3021Pro too. this is an improvement over the older setup:cool:

fit and finish better then the carbon 1 series:!:

fits the 555B leveling post

the usual bullseye bubble level.

carrystrap doubles as a weight bag holder

now for the BIG NEGATIVE: the included carry strap is madedifficult to usewhen you apply any leg pads. this is due to the increased diameter of the tripod when folded w/pads. the wrap straps a well let me say as short is the design thinking was in that respect. a minor sewing mod will resolve this issue. but manfrotto could have added 2 more inches to the wrapstrap :sad:

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