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Babyfixer May 15, 2006 9:33 PM

I have an opportunity to purchase aBogen 3001 with a 3055 headfor a substantial discount...but i dont know if it is the best choice for my needs.

Thiscombo was anew, never used, open-box display...and they're asking $100.00 (out the door). It sounds like a good deal,I just want to make sure that it will supportmy 20Dand 70-200 lens. I'm not worried about it supporting anything larger than that...I wont be going to bigger glass for quite some time.

I realize that a fully-fuctional tripod would run me $450+, but we're in the middle of completely remodelingour home...and the extra cash for toys just isn't there. I say "toys" because my tripod needs areas limited as my photography skills at this point...I will mostly use this for stability in low-light situations and self-timed family group photos. I can always get a bettertripod later on, but I'd like to at least get one that will allow me to explore macro photography.If I get a year's use out ofthis tripod, it would be worth it to me.

Will this model tripod/head work for my needs?

Terminator20 May 16, 2006 3:01 PM

I think that all tripods should last at least 5 years! As long as you don't ruff them up and treat them right, they should last a while. So in my opinion, if you buy a new tripod no matter how cheap it is and you treat it right and it don't last over a year then something is wrong!

I think your selection of a starter tripod is a good one and if you take care of it properly, it should last over a year easily. Those $100 to $400 dollar tripods are meant for the pro who will use them every day and want something that is not only very sturdy but will hold up to a 20 pound camcorder!

Babyfixer May 16, 2006 8:20 PM

Actually, a tripod that has not been abused should last more than5 years. However, I did not use the word "last". I wrote "If I get a year's use out ofthis tripod...", meaning, if I do not outgrow it before a year's time, I'd feel it was worth the expense.

Babyfixer May 19, 2006 6:15 PM

FU*K!! He sold it to someone else.

Oh well,there's a 3021 with the same head on eBay...maybe I'll bid on it.

tmoreau May 20, 2006 5:29 PM

Thats probably a better bet. I'm about to buy a new 3021 Pro (has the center column that can go horizontal) and my understanding is that unless you get a seriously heavy/long lens or plan to hike a long way, its all anybody will ever need.

I saw a 3001 at the camera store yesterday, and its too short. The 3021 was tall and seemed very stable, a nice tripod.

I plan to spend three times to price of the legs on the ballhead, though.

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