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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
i personally do not find monopods all that useful, especially with smaller lenses. i would save the money on a nice tripod.
In my opinion, the purpose of a monopod is to try to get the camera to be still when releasing the shutter.

So, for me, I'd rather use a tripod over a monopod. But I'd rather use a monopod than hand holding if there's nothing around for me to brace myself against.

But as for saving money... There's a boutique near us, it's called Wal-Mart. They sell a $14.99 monopod. It's extends up to 6 feet tall. Comes with a screw on top that fit my camera and larger lenses. I use that monopod all the time.

For me, in the end, the up-scale monopods are still just a stick with a screw. (Unless you have one of the tri-footed monopods (which is really a tripod).

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The shaky-handed Faithful Pastor
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Originally Posted by iowa_jim View Post
Interesting- my intended use is for unobtrusive support to reduce the shutter speed in museums, or to help stabilize the shots on hikes. Not so much to stabilize a large lens or to help deal with the weight. I do need a better tripod now that I wield a dslr, so Hards comment is motivating. My wal-mart edition Velbon 5000 bought years ago was perfect for a digicam but doesn't hold a dslr as steady.
If you are looking for a monopod to double as a trekking pole for hiking, take a look at REI's Hiker pole. It has a screw on top so you can mount a ball head/use it for a monopod while hiking but I don't know that it would be as useful for a museum. I find that I use it hiking but don't find it adds enough stability for low-light stuff. I get more benefit from anti-shake in low light.
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I have a 680B with 234RC quick release. Works well for birding with a big lens. Essential part of kit I think. Tripod tends to be left at home too often!
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Here is my Opinion on a 679B
Also a great walking stick


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I have a 680B with an RSS lever quick release. Great set up.
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