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NickyM Jan 23, 2006 4:17 PM

Like many people on this site I need advise re a light weight tripod for hiking and travelling. The more I delve into the subject the more the choice unravels, so now I am totally in 7 minds as to which would be best!!!!!!!!

I am looking at the Manfrotto 714SHB but have found nothing on thisforum about it and hardly any reviews else where - so has anyone got one and are they any good???

My camera - et al - only weighs around a kilo, so I think it would take it.

Previously I have only had a 2 way pan handle tripod - mainly used with my digicam butpretty limiting for use with my camera. Excuse my ignorance but would I be able to use the Manfrotto 714SHB forportrait/vertical shots too - i cant with my tripod now - hopeless for wildlife.

I have also been looking at the Velbon maxi's, but not so keen on the twisty legs.

Fold down size is critical - it must fit in my day sack so around 30 - 35cm - seems a pretty tall order - welcome any comments?????

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