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JohnG Oct 6, 2004 7:48 AM

I currently have a rebel 300D and will be getting a Sigma 70-200 2.8 lense in the next 6 months. Since I'd like to shoot sports I understand using a monopod is very advisable. I have two questions (with multiple parts :-)):

1. The general advice seems to be a Manfrotto 681B. I visited a local camera store that stocks manfrotto to take a look - they don't carry the 681, but they did have a 679 and a 682. The 682 seemed WAY to bulky - the thing was like a weapon. The 679 seemed to be much more manageable. I don't care so much about the legs but is the diameter of the 681 closer to the 682 or the 679? Also, besides the extra 4 lbs of capacity is there a difference between the 679 and the 680?

2. I have also seen recommended on this site getting a head (specifically the manfrotto/bogen 3229). What I don't understand is all the monopod heads seem to have a maximum capacity of 6 lbs. My 300D is just under 2 lbs and the sigma lense is about 4 lbs. That is cutting things close. I'm not sure I understand the concept of having a monopod that supports 22 lbs but a head that only supports 6 lbs.

I know this second question may sound stupid but can someone explain the concept to me? For taking wide angle shots I have been told by several people that a monopod just doesn't work very well (not enough lateral stability) and I should continue to use my tripod. So where does a 22 lb capacity monopod and 6 lb capacity head come together??:?

jawz Oct 6, 2004 9:32 PM

I use a Manfrotto 3006B -- weighs less than a pound (w/o head), supports 10 pounds. I also use the Manfrotto 3229 head.

This combination, for me, is a good balnce between carry weight and cost--if weitht is your primarr concern then a carbon fiber stick is best.

You want a head that has enough "weight margin" to hold the physically longest lens that attaches directly to the camera body [where your tri (mono) pod attaches]. In other words you want the head to keep this long heavy cantelevered lens from torquing (rotating in the head clutches), so its not just the weight but the lever arm that needs to be considered. If you have an optically long lens that has a tri (mono) pod mount more at the center of gravity (mass) of the lens, then the torque is not so much the issue, but the total weight fo the lens and camera. Here you want a tri (mono) pod that is stable with that load, i.e., legs don't tend to slip or 'telescope'.

Oct 13, 2004 8:55 AM

Don;t know if you've decided what to do yet however, you can put any head you want on the monopod. They make a couple specific for a mono but you could use any head that's convenient. Considering you have to keep one hand on the mono all the time, and you'll havea farily heavy load on it (but well within it's stated capacity) you may want to consider a compact video head or one of the one handed ball type, ie the 322RC2. The 322 is light (1.43lb) and well withinyour weight range when used in it's horizontal mode. I have one and really like it and think it may offer the control you'lll need. I also use a 680 mono, mainly because it's a bit more compact that the 681. Once you have one of these Bogen's in hand you'll never be sorry and the weight difference is minimal.

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