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Outhouse Jul 13, 2012 9:50 PM

More specific monopod Ned's
I just acquired a Sony 70-400 to use on my Alpha 580. I know zero about monopods. I am 6'2" tall and will use this rig chasing bunnies and other vicious critters thru the woods. I would like to keep the purchase around $100.

Also, do I need a head for te monopod?

interested_observer Jul 14, 2012 9:39 AM

I would say yes, because if you do not use a head then you will have a hard "T" connection with the base of the camera/lens as the monopod screws into it.

With a head, you get some additional flexibility in terms of still having the stability of the monopod, but the ability to rotate up and down in elevation. I would first just test out the monopod by itself, but I think you will go with the ballhead.

In terms of a ballhead, I really do not think that you would need to get a fancy one, just a basic one since I doubt that you will tighten it down in use, just use it for the additional flexibility.


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