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fewpics Jul 20, 2018 5:50 PM

Sirui Monopod and head
The other day, I was on the camera shop buying something else altogether and once again the Sirui line-up of tripods, monopods, ball heads etc caught my attention. This time I decided to get one of their monopods. After doing a bit of typical research (reviews etc via internet and YouTube,, where else..??) I settled on a Sirui P-204SR. The next day I mounted the camera on it - direct to it - but decided to also get a ball head, so I made another trip into the shop and got a K-20X unit. While the K-20X looked well made etc, it looked marginally small for the large camera I have (it looked larger in the shop), so the next day it was back into the shop where I swapped it for the largest in the range,, the K-40X. Wow, quite a bit larger and a little heavier too (to be expected I suppose) but I am sure the K-40X will handle anything you mount on it, now or in the future, whether it's on a monopod or tripod. It also has much a larger quick release plate and that appeals to me, because some of these release plates on some ball heads look and feel far too small, especially with battery grips and larger lenses mounted on the camera, the weight and leverage thing starts to kick in, although I've never really had anything go wrong in the past..

The P-204SR monopod also addresses another thing I was after,, a small sturdy tabletop tripod. The metal tripod at the base of the P-204 detaches and can be used on its own. As a matter of fact, this whole monopod can be stripped down and made into may different configurations. All up with the K-40X head attached, it isn't too light but I don't go deep into the forest or up to mountain tops etc, so that shouldn't be a worry. Most of my work requiring a tripod or monopod is usually at organised events where I can get a vantage point or two and click away to my hearts content. I'm impressed...


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