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have been a long-time "browser" of these forums and have gotten TONS (and I do mean tons) of great (as well as entertaining)information here, but decided that I needed to start posting some, so here it goes (sorry it's a question and not something more helpful): I am looking for a good tripod but also small and light. I've shot very little with a tripod but am looking for better results with my FZ30. It would be great to have a good, sturdy unit that isn't bulky and will collapse into about 18"-24" or thereabouts. We travel quite abit but lugging a camera bagAND a huge tripod around just isn't an option. Anyone have any suggestions in the "light but decent" department? Is there one out there?
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Funny. You moved this topic from the Panasonic forum, but you still posted it in the wrong place... There's a "Tripods and heads" forum near the bottom of the list.

Regardless, I like my Velbon CX444. It folds down to 18 inches but expands to 66 inches, thanks to the 4-segment leg design. It weighs just under three pounds. I use it with my FZ30 all the time.

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Tripodscan becheap, sturdy,or light: pick any two of those three. Since you want light and sturdy, it ain't gonna be cheap.
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You failed to mention what you want to spend so it's hard to recommend something in your price range what is it? and just what do you consider light under ? lbs.
But on a better note the FZ30 isn't a very heavy camera so you may find something light & cheap and some what sturdy at least for the FZ30 anything heaver you'll be needing another tripod. At 740g (26.1 oz)most any of the brand name tripods will support it.
You'll also need to decide on a head I'd suggest a small ball head rather than a pan & tilt for both weight and size since its for travel.
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