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Justin Hancock Mar 29, 2006 10:00 PM

Does anyone have any impressions of the Sunpak 5800D tripod? It's a bargain tripod but I'm looking for a very basic tripod as I've just started getting into photography. The primary uses for the tripod will be landscape shots so flexibility won't be overly important.

As a college student who just spent $1,000 on a Canon Rebel XT and accessories, money is an issue for me.

I know this tripod won't last me forever; a solid year's use out of it would make me happy until I have more money to upgrade to better lenses, etc.

I've talked to my buddy who is into photography as a hobby as well and he says he's happy with it but was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on it.

Also, what is the impression of mini-tripods for those occasional, close-to-the-ground shots?

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