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I'm finding that deciding on a tripod/head is more difficult than my camera decision! I'm curious to know what KM users have. Thanks, Amy.
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I'm using the Dynatran AT 6703 Tripod. Here's where you can take a look at it. I love it, it is solid, and I mean Solid(Heavy). Haven't had any shakes, movements, or creeps by any of the parts. I like the versatile Pistol Grip head on it.

http://www.amvona.com/v7/shop/?page=...oduct_id=1623I actually got it off Ebay for less than the price on their website.

I also have a ManFrotto that I picked up at a local Pawn shop that is very solid, and built the same as the Dynatran (actually I should say that the dynatran is built like the Manfrotto because I think the Manfrotto has been around a lot longer) BUT also a little lighter than the Dynatran. I think about 2 pounds difference. This has a Pan head to it, which I'm thinking of switching later to either a Pistol grip or a Ball head.

I've read that a lot of "Pros" like to use tripod heads from Really Right Stuff. You can get more info on those from here.



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Slik,AF2100 on Pro 700DX. Wife & I each have one for the last 20 years or so. I can't image a better tripod, at least for cameras of this size. It's about as heavy as I'm willing to carry around, and delivers a lot of convenience and stability for the weight. The only hitch is the adaptor that's too easilylost in the bottom of your bag, but then you can disconnect very quickly.
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I use the following Manfrotto equipment: (the model numbers are Manfrottos - their US marketter Bogen, in their infinite wisdom, changed all the numbers) equipment:
  • #290 Tripod: (Current equivalent model looks to be the Bogen #3011) This is an excellent basic tripod with good range; rigidity is somewhat compromised when the stem is fully extended but mine has led a hard life. It spent about 200,000km strapped to the back of my motorcycle. The main advantage of the newer version that I covet is it's ability to release the legs and spread them wide for a broad *low* stance.
  • #352 ball-head: this is the smallest ballhead that remains extremely sturdy and yet easy to manipulate. For my purposes, it's greatest virtue is the lack of long protruding handles. The current equivalent seems to be the #488 Midi Ball Head. I would consider their *Mini* Ball Heads to be too small for SLR work.
  • #354 quick-release adaptor: The current model seems to be the Bogen #3270. This is far more compact that the old pentagonal plates. I'm quite content to leave the adaptor plate more-or-less permanently affixed to my camera. Extra plates are available separately for additional bodies. I *love* this system. Mounting and releasing is easy and quick to do with your eyes focussed elsewhere. Snick! Snack! On! Off!
It looks like you can get current versions of the latter two items from B&H for US$100 - http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...goryNavigation
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