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Carphunter May 8, 2007 10:31 AM

I've got to get a tripod to mount my shooting chronograph on (chrono weighs around 2 lbs)

If I'm going to buy one, though, I figured I'd try to cover a couple of things I use a tripod for with my Fuji F30 (basically e-bay type shots, macro close-ups, various indoor still stuff....maybe in the field...but not a big use right now).

When I look at the shooting sites, many of them list this tripod by Competitive Edge Dynamics (a chrony manufacturer). I'm trying to find out if this is their own design, or just a rebranded item. Also trying to find out what the components are constructed of (plastic parts, metal, etc.) (BTW, I can get this for $35 +ship)

I guess I want a tripod that can handle the chronograph, but it would be beneficial if I had one that was just plain sturdy, could possibly mount the head to the bottom of the lift shaft for use with some macro close up shooting, etc. leveling features are nice.

I guess I'd like to stay cheap-ish with the purchase (maybe max $75 if there were a compelling reason to go that high).


BillDrew May 8, 2007 11:23 AM

I had to go look via Google what you meant by a chronograph. As I expected mostly came up with fairly ordinary watches. Pretty sure you mean a balistic timer like the one shown at

Just about any tripod would work for that use so long as the bullet doesn't hit anything. A really cheap one might blow over in a high wind though.

I'd suggest that you get the cheap one. Once you have used it for a while and thrown it on the trash heap you will know why you should spend more.

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