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dotibwai Feb 21, 2010 6:04 AM

Tripod for D50 - ball head or three way head
I am at the stage now here I feel that I need to invest in a tripod for my trusty d50. I am not too fussed about whether this is new or 2nd hand.
My questions are
a. Can anyone recommend a reasonable quality tripod (budget approx £100)

b. What are the differences between ball heads and 3 way heads and which would bemore suitable for me.

I trust that i'll be able to get enough info on here to enable me to make an informed decision before purchasing

Thanks in advance :confused:

TCav Feb 21, 2010 6:33 AM

The difference between a ball head and a pan/tilt head, is that a pan/tilt head allows you to adjust the angle of each axis independantly without affecting the other axes. A ball head is quicker to set up, but it's tougher to make fine adjustments on.

pbjunkiee Feb 21, 2010 1:04 PM

i prefer 3 axsis from manfratto.

shoturtle Feb 21, 2010 1:44 PM

I like the cullmann magnasit line and slik pro series. I have used the cullmann 519 and slik pro 700. Both are excellent tripods with in your budget.

I like the pan head generally, it is more precise. But I switch over to a ball head for traveling. The cullmann comes with a long and short center tube. So I keep a ball head on the short one and use the pan head on the long tube. To be more compact, I invert the center tube into the legs give it a smaller profile for traveling.

don't get caught up with the levels on the tripod, they are not as good as a 3 dollar hot shoe level from ebay. If you want to level a camera on a tripod, the hot shoe level is the way to go.

mtngal Feb 23, 2010 3:28 PM

I hate a pan/tilt head - takes me forever to reach for each control, loosen them and tighten each - shooting in fleeting light, it will have changed by the time I get everything tight and stable. My pan/tilt head doesn't allow for odd angles very well (some are better designed than others). I much prefer a ball head with a separate panning knob. You essentially have one knob to loosen, but can tighten down the camera and use the panning knob to pan for such things as panoramas, etc. It's infinitely adjustable and I can line up a shot exactly how I want in a second or two. I don't consider it any less precise than my pan/tilt head at all - it's much easier to use and since you have infinite movement at once, I find it more precise than fiddling with one direction, then fiddling with a different control for another direction, only to have to fine-tune the first one once the second one is correct. It probably helps that my ball head a good one and tightens down accurately to exactly where I put it.

qysusan Mar 26, 2010 9:31 PM

budget approx £100?


you can reference theseFeatures:

1. Magnesium die-casting part: Thedie-casting parts of Benro travel angel series is made of 100% magnesiumwhich can reduce the weight of tripod. The parts has high strength andcan load more weight.
2. Reversible Center Column: For special or low level macro shooting angle, Unscrew the hook, the center column can be inverted easily.
3. Plucking Angle Adjuster: Three angles, high, middle, low, allowing free adjustment according to your actual needs.
4. Compass: A built-in compass provides useful recording for the extra direction and location that the image was take in.
5. 180° Folded Inverted design system:With the newly designed structure, the tripod leg can be foldedinverted by 180°, makes it small enough to carry. And it can be takento the air plane.
6. Quick Lock System: The quick lock uses the selected high elastic and durable natural rubber, making easy performance and allowing over using.
7. Spring Hook: Spring hook is to hang belongings like camera bags or heavy things to increase stability during windy days
8. Tripod Leg Pipe:The tube is made of Aluminum alloy imported from abroad, its 1.0mmthickness and the elaborately selected material fulfill the stabilityand lightweight.
9. Matching Ball head: Matching with professional B-0 ball head. Adopt to drag adjustment and clamp plate system, easy operation.
•Universal Quick Clamps: This B-0 ball head provide international-style QR plates and accessory compatibility
•Extraordinary Ball Design: Extraordinary ball design offers high frictional damping allowing easy and smooth operation.
•360° Panning: Accurate panoramas can easily be stitched together from photographs taken using the graduated panning scale.
•Patent dual lock quick release
10. Tripod bags: Benro bags are made of top quality materials, providing good protecting to your tripod and head.

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