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Would I be better off getting a tripod or a monopod? Can I use a tripod as a monopod? I will be using it for a variety of things mostly sports like little league games and running races. What do people use each one for mostly so I have an idea? Not really sure of the advantages and disadvantages of either.

Thanks for all advice,

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For the sharpest pictures, a sturdy tripod cannot be beat. The disadvantage of tripods are their size and bulk. Lightweight, inexpensive tripods are generally not worth the trouble due to shake from the tripod itself when you fire the shutter trigger. I have an attic full of inexpensive, lightweight tripods that I'll never use again. You should also consider a remote shutter release for the ultimate control if you're seeking maximum sharpness.

Monopods are convenient because they don't take up a lot of floor space. They give good vertical support, but little horizontal support unless you manipulate the monopod inside your leg and brace it accordingly.

You didn't specify the type of camera you're using (I think I recall that it's a dSLR, but not sure) and that would help in suggesting particular tripods that would work. For the type of work you're describing, a monopod would be much easier to manipulate and provided you have sufficient lighting and fast speed lenses may work just fine.

I primarilly use a tripod for all of my landscape shots, regardless of what lens I'm using. I also use a tripod for most wildlife shots with longer lenses. I have a monopod, but I rarely use it. For me, I'll put up with the nuances and inconveniences of a tripod unless the location I'm shooting prohibits their use.
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In contrast, I use a mono almost all the time however the other writer has solid points for the tripod, which I also use. A tripod can be used with one, two or all three legs down. Not many people think of a duopod but it has advantages over a mono also, mainly horizontal stability. If the 3rd leg can extend 90 degrees (as in mot of the Bogen/Manfrottos)it could go under your arm for more stability. Just thinking outside the box....
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