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Okay, I know this has to be one of the top 5 questions:

Do you have a tripod recommendation? I have a cheap Vivitar "Wal-Mart Special" tripod. Now that I have a REAL camera (D70)I want a REAL tripod. I would prefer something relatively inexpensive, but also one that I would not be disappointed with down the road. I would like a quick release head and one that could also be used as a monopod. But I guess technically, any tripod could be used as a monopod.

Someone recommended The Manfrotto. I think it was this one:


But there are so many tripods out there! So many tripods, so little time!

Should I go with the Manfrotto? Slik? Something else?

Thank you


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Someone recommended The Manfrotto. I think it was this one:

Should I go with the Manfrotto? Slik? Something else?
Get a Manfrotto or Gitzo.

I would suggest getting a ball-head over a pan/tilt head (as found in the tripod in the link) for most small still camera use--quicker/ easier to position.

I have a Manfrotto 3001BPRO with a 488RC2 head and am very satisfied with its versitility/ sturdiness/ weight/ quality. I can readily recommend this set-up for digicams and most DSLRs. Gitzo has some lighter pods/heads in the same class that have equal support and sturdieness specs, but cost more.

There are finer ball heads than the Manfrotto 488 [e.g., Arca Swiss, RRS, ] but cost a whole bunch more. I'm quite pleased with the Manfrotto 488 as it is a good compromise between price and quality.
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i think a manfrotto will do just fine at the moment. gitzo the more pricey sister of manfrotto can put you on your back with its price. you must decide your priorities for the tripod.

a tripod is 2 parts: legs and head both can and should be chosen carefully and usually seperately to match your needs, style of shooting, and of course your cash flow capability.

i own 2 sets of legs and 2 heads. one HD set and one travel set. each are highly manuverable and of extremely high quality in manufacture. in short the they don't wobble in any way have independent leg movementand other attributes that if they were human they could join cirque de soleil. this allows me to set up in almost any condition and terrain that might be a little les flat the a billiard table.



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I guess you need to know how heavy the camera is, I have a SLIK Sprint Pro GM but its for lighter cameras.

And also what you need to do with it.
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