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Originally Posted by Steve40 View Post
No I didn't see his equipment, but my G12 is hardly what you call massive either. But I have a Manfrotto 190XPROB under it. I have had several shaky Don Knots type tripods, and although the 190 may be overkill for today's camera, who knows what may be on top of it tomorrow.

I just wanted to buy something that would last as long as I needed it, and not have to buy one every year or so.
The OP specifically stated his budget. When I started out in this stuff, folks constantly bombarded me with what I just HAD to buy. That's fine. It's not their money. When I started out, the economy wasn't in the toilet and prices hadn't skyrocketed. Some folks have to stay within their budget. I'm glad I didn't listen to those folks and WAITED until I could afford the Manfrotto, Right Stuff, Gitzo and HG lenses. Know what I did with the not-so-high-grade stuff? I sold it to offset the cost of the Right Stuff, Manfrotto, Gitzo, HG lenses, etc. People bought it because I took care of it. That "crap" was in mint shape and worked just fine. Dolica, Fancier, et al... They all worked fine and are STILL working fine for their new owners. AND, I've also had a Manfrotto that was so shaky I was afraid to put a bridge camera on it!
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I've also had a Manfrotto that was so shaky I was afraid to put a bridge camera on it!
Yep, I've got one of those, manfrotto that is. It was under $100, and you never know just how long the head will stay locked, and when it may dump your lens into the center coulomb.

Also have another with those twisty leg locks, that I have had to suddenly decide to unlock, that one was under $100 also. I still have them, I won't sell them to anyone, I don't want people hunting me with kill on their mind.

I really know the budget thing, but you sometimes can surprise yourself if you stash a little away at a time, what you can do/or afford.
Steve Owen.
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While Manfrotto might be amongst the best, that doesn't mean that there aren't others that are still good. As a matter of fact, there can only be "one best"! Not everyone can afford- or needs "the best", and I'm a strong believer in spending the extra to get good quality. I have Manfrotto and Feisol, several of each... Really Right Stuff is great as well.
And as to Amazon? Particularly if one has Amazon Prime (I do)- Prime items ship 2 day FREE, overnight is $3.99, and their customer service is SECOND TO NONE! I even went to return something that was fairly inexpensive one time- and they told me to KEEP THE ITEM, they'd still refund the amount! Betcha' B&H has never done that! Have a problem? Go to their help/contact us- they have a choice to have them call YOU! You select the phone number to have them call you- choose now or in 5 minutes (I always choose now)- and your phone rings immediately! Perhaps up to a 30 second wait and you're talking to a human who will do everything necessary to make you wonder why you ever shopped anywhere else but Amazon! I have bought 80 lb power tools- 2 day shipping free. I have returned $1000.00 binoculars no questions asked. And, they (unlike B&H) accept orders AND ship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
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I previously had Altura photo mini tripod that I used with my Nikon D200 while safari in Goa, But it was strong enough to hold the camera and very cheap in price. Check here If you want to explore some more best tripods under $25.
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Default highly recommend tripod

Check this best tripod list . Maybe it helps
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Hello Jasmine

I see that you are a new member to this photography forum - so WELCOME aboard!

However, I have yet to see any of your own personal photos ~ would you please do us the courtesy of showing us what you do -personally- not via your real estate business

Regards, Phil (in Australia)
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
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