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Just getting into diving and want to start with a basic camera and not spend much more than £50-100. Have seen the Sea Life cameras, reefmaster SL515 and 545.

Can anyone advise what I am best to start with bearing in mind I won't be going beyond 20m.

have seen some test photos from an SL545 and they seemed poor but that also be the photographers fault.
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Underwater photography is not cheap and £50 - £100 is a very small budget to buy an underwater system.

I don't have anypersonal experience of the sealife cameras. Without the accessory lenses you will be very limited and willprobably not be taking great pictures. If you just want snapshots then you'll probably be fine but if you want more you'll soon find the basic camera limiting. Those test shots are probably what you can expect to get.

The problem with underwater photography is the water, even in theclearest tropical seas it's still full of suspended particles. To get good pictures underwater you need to decrease theamount of water between you and your subject. This means wide angle lenses for big subject such as scenics, wrecks, people, seals.. or macro for close up shots of small subjects. You can get both for the sealife but there £74 each. The next thing you'll probably find you need is aexternal flash which for the sealife is £129.

You can get away without and external flash better with digital than film, although it is still good tohave.Also many digital cameras have a macro option which save the need for anadd on lens. So you may find it better to look into thedigital options.

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